Monday, July 13, 2015

DIY Pagan Wreath

Hello dear readers!

So much has changed since my last post!

First of all, we moved in to a new flat. We had quite the challenging time to find something decent within our budget, and getting rejected by landlords, that at the end we almost quit. We were very lucky though, and negotiated a great deal for a great maisonette 1 bedroom flat, just 5 minutes away from where we lived.
So, I am very happy about it.
IKEA was the choice for the furniture, because we were on a tight budget and good quality furniture in the UK are expensive. We were very content with the choices and selections we made from IKEA and the prices were fantastic as always.
Some customizing of course took place, since we're artistic and creative people.
We also created a canopy bed, DIY, by hanging fabric from the ceiling. It was so cheap, and beautiful and romantic to look at (and be under).

So all in all, after moving in here in the end of March, I've been a more relaxed and happy bunny. There is no noise at all, we live in a dead end alley, so no one passes by, and our neighbors are great. We have a large tree and ivy looking at our windows, and you can hear birds sing every hour of the day and squirrels visit our small balcony. We both couldn't be happier.

I have been very active on Pinterest lately, and also creating DIY projects at home (now that I have the space for it!!) if you want you can check out my profile and pins.

I have also been reading more books on Paganism. I needed the extra info/knowledge and they always inspire me to create stuff. Here is a picture of what I made today.
The ribbon is light purple but the light here is terrible and it won't show at all.
Anyways, I think it's good for a first attempt. Hopefully I'll do more and get better. (Also get a larger variety of supplies would be good.)

If anyone is interested in a tutorial or has any questions, please don't hesitate to message me!!


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