Sunday, May 11, 2014

Life update and question about Vlogging!!!!!!!!

Hello dear readers,

I haven't updated my blog in a while. I've been crazy busy with work and so tired, that I've lost the will to do pretty much anything anymore.

A quick update: I had a very nice Easter holiday, my boyfriend visited me and we spent 3 lovely weeks together in London, visiting exciting places, exhibitions and museums and all the cool stuff we wanted to see. This includes watching The Amazing Spiderman 2.
It was very nice having him here, and now that he's gone I'm finding it difficult to go back to my routines.

Anyway, on the subject of work now, I'm really fed up with that place, I think I've learned all that I could from there (it's not exactly rocket science) and I want to move on. They want me to stay until the end of summer, but I won't. My back is in a lot of pain, and I've been taking too many painkillers per week to just get through each day, that I'm getting very worried. I'm going to phone my GP on Monday and book an appointment as soon as I can get one urgently, and see what the hell is up with my back.

That is it, more or less, my life has been extremely uneventful since I got this job. Which had it's ups and downs (more downs than anything else though). And now I just want to move on. Being a support worker can't be forever.

A quick question I have for you guys, would you be interested into watching Vlogs from me here, along with the regular blog post?? Because I've been thinking of vlogging but I'm a bit camera shy, so I wanted to see if people would like that, so I can get the motivation to overcome my camera-shyness. Please let me know in the comments!!! :)