Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Update on life this past month, Halloween, London Comic Con and CBT.

Hello everyone,

I have been very busy lately, but I have been feeling better.

Let me say a few things about what I've been doing this past month:

First of all, I am continuing with my volunteering posts, and that takes 2 days off my week, every week.

I have also decided to do some seminars on Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It's 26 of them, and at the end, I can get a Diploma and become a CBT practitioner. Which is really cool.

Now I am still on benefits obviously, since I am looking for a new job, but I got registered with a temp agency and they said they can match me with "support work" posts in London, that I can do, because of my experience (that I got through volunteering). They're still waiting for all my references to come through, and then we'll see what happens..  I think that was a really positive thing, and I was really glad that it happened! I only wish that something good will come out of it :)

What else, oh yes, London Comic Con!!
So yeah, anyone who knows me knows what a geek I am for such things.
Some friends were going to go, so I thought why not, it's nice when there is company!! It was on for 3 days (Friday 25th-Saturday 26ht and Sunday 27th of October) but I went on Saturday.
All in all I have to say it was a fantastic experience, I had a lovely time even despite the fact that it was crazy busy. So many people with awesome costumes! I was delighted. Purely delighted.
And the company I was with was amazing. I had so much fun!!!
I have some pics up on my facebook profile, if anyone wants to see, and since there are so many pics online anyway, I won't bother you, I'll just put a picture of me with an awesome dude:

Well yeah, that was that, on the 26th  of October. On that same Saturday I was supposed to go to this electro-goth event, but I was tired after MCM that I couldn't move, my feet were killing me!!!

So I chose to wait until the next Saturday, 2nd of November, to wear my costume. (I'll get back to that in a bit).
On the actual Halloween night (31st of October) I had an event for the British Red Cross that I had to attend, which was very nice. And afterwards at home, I had my wine and cakes and celebrating ritual for Samhain (which is the traditional name for halloween in Paganism). Oh, a nice webpage I found that describes it nicely and accurately is this one here.

Now, about my costume. This year I wanted something really simple. I had my mind set on doing Catrina, lady of Mexico, on the day of the dead.
I had all I needed for the makeup part, I just bought some sequins and gemstones, and also some black lace fabric, to make a long skirt.
I have to say I'm proud of myself, the skirt turned out exactly as I wanted it to be. My veil was ok, although it was quite warm for my head lol, but other than that, it was a good costume. Again, pictures are up on my facebook, but I'll upload one here as well. So that's me. Classic Day of the Dead lady.

I think that's all my news more or less for now.
I have had some really bad days with panic attacks, but that was to be expected. I am a lot better now though, and I try to make myself a priority.
I think I have to think about ME more, and take care of myself better. Which is what I'm planning to do from now on.