Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Legendary bad day.

For anyone who has already watched "Riddick", there is a line Vin Diesel says in the film, something along the lines of  "there is a bad day, and then there is a legendary bad day".
That would suit last Thursday perfectly!!!

You remember my last post?
Well, I had my volunteering appointment with the probation officer in Croydon at 2pm.
I wanted to be there at 1:30pm, to talk about the case before the meeting with the service user.
The day before, I had googled the address of the office, so that I know how to reach it by train and by foot (I prefer to walk as much as possible, for exercise).
So to closest station was Waddon. I was there around 1:20pm, scared that I would be late, because it was a long way-as google showed me. Black clouds and a strong wind where not going to help, surely. I hoped it wouldn't rain at least. Ha! 5 minutes later and a drizzle was coming from all directions possible!!! My umbrella was flying away and I'm sure I looked like crazy walking fast against the wind.  Anyway, I reached the address at 1:35 (it must be a record in speed!) and the damn thing was nowhere to be found.
I was in the middle of nowhere. In-between Croydon and Beddington. In the middle of fucking nowhere!!
After 10 minutes of anxiety and search, I saw a woman walking her dogs and a postman, chatting, so I go over there and ask for directions.
The dialogue between me and the two neighbors went exactly like this:

-Excuse me, I think I may be lost, do you happen to know where #51 is, on this street?

-Oh... are you sure it's this street? This street doesn't reach #51, it stops at #30!!!

-.......  But I've seen in on Google Maps, and it said it's here (total frustration as I realize I must be wrong somehow)

-Do you have the postcode?

-Yes, and it showed me I should come here.

-Oh... Well, there are 3 streets with this name in this area! Maybe it's one of the others! Which one do you need?

-(I look at them with empty eyes)

-Ehm, there is one in Beddington, one in Croydon, and one in (I don't remember the area, but it must have been near by).

-The one in Croydon I think!

-Ah, then you are at the wrong one! You need to walk or take the bus.

-How far away is it?

-By foot is half an hour, if you walk fast, by bus it's closer. But you need to change near the bus station, because the is no direct service to Croydon there.

It took me 15 minutes to understand where to go, and I was going to be very very very late no matter how I traveled.

I called the probation officer to let her know I was lost, and late, but I was going to make it, if she could wait for me..
I got on the main road, run to catch that bus, and realized my phone was dying on me. The battery was at 8%. Using GPS and internet maps, even briefly, will do that to your phone.
The drizzle was still going on, and my hair was messed up, my clothes were messed up, and I still hadn't made it to the appointment. Got off the bus half way, because it was turned to another direction, so I had to walk the rest of the way. No map. Damn.
I thought this day CAN'T get any worse!! I'm somewhere in Croydon, and that's all I know! Shit.
By intuition and sense of direction, and a little use of my phone, as little as possible, no gps, only maps, I was able to reach the office at 2:20pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That MUST be some kind of record, no shit!!!

I looked like a wet and ruffled rat.
I met the probation officer, who was really really sweet. To find out that my service user hadn't shown up.
Apparently I had gone to Croydon for no reason, since she hadn't come to the appointment.


I waited until 3pm, talking with the PF, we had a lovely chat. Then I left. Got to West Croydon station and got on the next train to Victoria station.
I called my mom and told her about it, because I thought it was the most ridiculous thing ever xD



Angelica said...

Oh man that sure sounds like an awful day! Sorry you had to go through all that. Being lost really sucks.

Angelica said...

Oh man that sure sounds like an awful day! Sorry you had to go through all that. Being lost really sucks.