Monday, June 24, 2013

Paganism, Wicca, and me

Hello dear readers!

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Now to the real reason of this post, Paganism.
Why did I suddenly decide to write about this?
Well, I have been a Pagan, for almost 10 years now. Being a Wiccan comes as a natural evolution I think.  When I was living back home I was a very active solitary practitioner. Reading books, doing rituals, casting spells, celebrating the Sabbaths, the whole 9 yards (I always loved this expression..).

However, since I moved to the UK, I lost touch with everything. The stress of everyday life took over my life completely, and the adjustment still hasn't finished I feel, and it's been almost 2 years..
I took my pagan books with me and my tarot cards and my runes and my little statues that I had on my altar at home. But I only took with me half of my things.
My candles, my candle holders, and other things I have had for years, and that hold great emotional value to me, are still heft behind. But that wasn't the issue.
The issue was that I felt disconnected. Like everything was a thing of my past, and now I was completely empty and bare. I couldn't connect with my gods anymore, like they never existed before. I couldn't feel anything. I didn't even bother to do anything about it. I still did Tarot readings, but that was all. Nothing else.

To go against this ugly feeling of disassociation, on the 21st of June I wanted to celebrate Midsummer, or Litha, as it's called, the pagan sabbath for the coming of Summer.
I will not go into depth about what it is, and how it's celebrated, etc, because this is not an information site, and I do not want to bore anyone that doesn't care. If you Google it, you can find all about it. There are MANY Internet portals about Paganism and Wicca that can describe everything and are very informative.

What I wanted was to wake myself up. To reconnect with my gods, in this new country. Something that had to be done since I moved here, but maybe it wasn't the right time yet. This past Friday then, I went out to celebrate. I got my wine, my fruits (all traditional food & beverage for this particular sabbath) and went to one of my favorite parks, Abney Park and Cemetery. I love this place. It is my personal favorite. The calmest cemetery, with the best energy and vibe!

All in all, I had a great time! I had  a picnic by the graves, I drank wine and ate grapes, apples and melons, and summoned my gods, to join me once again, just like the in past.
Since Starhawk is one of my favorite Pagan authors, I frequently use her invocations, because they are magnificent. Simple and yet elegant and full with energy. Invocation to the God of Summer was an appropriate one.

I feel so much better now, even days later, I feel connected again!
I have realized that I need to do this more often, Sabbath or not, I need to go out to this park, and spend some time alone, with the Gods. It's so exhilarating!! I don't want to feel disconnected again :(

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