Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Changes to my blogs' template & stuff

I couldn't tolerate this dark purple color anymore. I think it was time for a nice change, to something that represents me and the mood of this blog, but at the same time is not so bad for the eyes.
So I changed the text font into something more readable (I think), and also since I couldn't add any pictures to the background of this template, I completely changed templates.
I browsed through the pictures I could put there, but that one with the mountain and the raindrops, was the coolest. I love rain, and I think this picture represents the blog & me at the same time perfectly.
Cold, absent, sad, grey. Yep, that's me & my blog, isn't it fantastic? :D

Tell me what you think of the changes, is it easier for you guys now to read my posts, does it make the whole experience better??? I'm open to suggestions of course, and you know I love your feedback :D

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