Friday, April 12, 2013

Internet is down. What do you do???

Listen to music. At least that's what I'm doing now. Listening to Juno Reactor, to be exact.

Another thing I like doing is playing videogames!! Now, if my lap top wasn't SHIT, the experience would have been a hell lot more enjoyable. But when you are stuck with a fucking TOSHIBA Satellite, with a million problems, that's what you get: FUCKED. You get fucked.

Like the insanely devoted Sims fan that I am, I bought the new expansion pack the other day, University Life. I was excited beyond belief. The game seemed so awesome I wanted to die. And then it froze. Completely. Then I really wanted to die. I kept freezing, no matter what I did. I uninstalled it & reinstalled it. No change. I uninstalled and tried the previous expansion. Nothing. Froze again, and then stopped working.
Now the thing is, my laptop may be shit, but it has never had any problems with this game. No problems at all. The occasional lagging, but that's all.
So now what do I do?????
I wait for the next patch, that may help this gaming experience.

This is fucking disaster.

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