Friday, February 1, 2013

My Blog changes

So I've made a few quick changes to my blog, I've changed the background color, the link color, and the text font! I like it even more now I think, and it has become a bit less tiresome for the eyes maybe.
I will continue searching for a better background though, maybe a picture would be nicer as a font, instead of a solid color. Anyway, we'll see.

Plus, I have noticed that I have done more posts in 2012 than in 2011, which was my goal :D In 2011 I had done 27 posts and in 2012 I'd done 29 posts! so congrats to me about that, lol. I know it's not much, it's actually a lot less than what I'd hope for, but at least it's more than last year.

The truth is I don't write much, and I don't get many readers either. Maybe it's linked somehow. I've thought about it often. I've seen other people's blogs, with only like 15 posts, and they get thousands of viewers. Maybe it's because I don't advertise it much. Maybe it's because I'm not talking about anything specific.

What do you think?
Should I start writing about something specific, and stop using this blog as an internet diary???
maybe it'll become more interesting :P


Marc said...

You need to post 31 entries this year to stay within the mathematical progression you started.

Don't disappoint me D:

Panas said...

if you want more readers you have to think a fancy topic and advertise you blog though other blogers, fb etc.

Vapid Vixen said...

I don't have many "followers" but the ones I do are pretty loyal and always make me smile. My blog is pretty much my online journal and while I love the people I've met through it (that never happened with the old school pen and paper journal) the blog is really just for me to keep track of the silly inanities of my life.

So, in an overly verbose way, I was trying to say just write what makes you happy.