Thursday, September 27, 2012

God, I hate the new blogger interface.

it's almost 2 weeks since I moved to the new flat.
I'm still adjusting.
It feels nice to be able to live in a clean and functional place. But I miss the quietness and the trees and the squirrels and walking by the river. Kingston Upon Thames is a beautiful place to live. But it's in greater London. And I wanted to be closer to the center, closer to everything. It wasn't a bad idea, but I do miss a thing or two about the old place.
Also, a small mouse has been strolling in my kitchen floor a few times, (and possibly more times, when I wasn't watching). I feel so sorry for the poor thing, I can't even imagine killing it :( I'm totally incapable or killing anything actually, except insects. Insects and spiders freak me the fuck out. So killing them or moving around like crazy until they go away by themselves, are my only choices.
Other than that though, everything is ok with my flat. It's tiny as fuck, but it's London, what do you expect...

Funny how people expect more. "Friends" and acquaintances have messaged me on FB to invite themselves over. Assuming I had an 'apartment" and living on my own (instead of living with housemates, as I did last year), they thought this would be the perfect time to lay the grounds for imposing.
Because I am a reasonable and nice person, I replied politely as always, that I feel terribly sorry but the flat is  very small and it does not fit guests. There is no space on the floor either. You know what the most horrible thing is? This is 100% true. My studio flat is a small room. It's a room that's supposed to be a kitchen/living room/bedroom all in one. And then there is another tiny room that is the bathroom. And that's all. Space is not something I have, by no means. And even if I had space, my answer would still be no. Why? Because where were all these people last year???? Where were all these people when I was living in London, in a huge room in a house with 6 more people??? Space was a comfort then, the only comfort we had unfortunately. But there was PLENTY of space for many many visitors and guests. Did anyone came??? NO!!! But now, I get messages everyday... trying to fish out information about the new place.
Because it's more convenient, right? Being closer to center and stuff...
Well, NO :))))

So what else is up......

I got an extension for my dissertation, my deadline is on the 12th of October.
It's plenty of time I think, and I'm trying to work on it everyday.
Some days are better then other.. some days are more productive than others.... but still I'm very anxious about the word count. Not the quality of what I'm writing, or the information, or the evidence I provide, but the word count. How ridiculous.

And plus, how awful is this new blogger thing??? I can't find anything, and it just seems pointless. WHY would they change something that works just fine??? to compete with the new stuff that come online? I don't think the interface was the problem there...

I'm leaving you for now, with a song I've been listening too much lately, and it's one of my favorites anyway (the band is one of my favorite bands too)

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