Monday, June 25, 2012

it's been ages

I feel it's been ages since I blogged. Sometimes I wish I could do it everyday, sometimes I wish I could even have something worth blogging about every day. Oh well.

It's almost the end of June, and it feels so strange. When did June came to an end??? The weather here in London has been on and off, cold one day, hot the next, then cold again, day after day. I don't complain though, because I do like cold weather, I do prefer to suffer from cold that from heat. It rains often, even though it's officially summer now, still.
Back home everyone complains about heat of course, as always, since it's 38 degrees. Every summer is the same in Greece, boiling hot. This I do not miss. At all.
What I miss are other things.
My house and my garden, my cat, my old life.
But I don't want to keep talking about that, it seems as though everything I write these days is about reminescence. (is that even a word? lol).

Anyway, this post was going to be about the fact that uni is over in September and that I am in the middle of the experiments for my dissertation, and that is good. I am looking forward to go home in July for 12 days, and then Ill be back here in London.... Many things to look forward to!!! :D


NellieVaughn said...

I was supposed to be in London by now, but with two nieces to care for, my dream has been put on hold. it's always nice to read the posts you write because I can pretend I am in England.

~Danni~ said...

Nellie please tell me when you arrive in London, I would love to meet you!!! :D I'll be back here on the 17th of July :))))