Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My boyfriend insisted on me making a twitter page, just like him, and so there am I, I have a twitter page xD
The link is on the right of the blog, underneath my picture, where all the contact info is :D
Seems a tiny bit interesting though, nothing too special, just another internet thing :/
And if you don't have enough followers, then nobody reads your tweets... so again it's a popularity measure. What I hate about this world :@

Anyway, the rest of the news is that I finished my Lab Report, I am going to submit it tomorrow. I still have 2 essays to do though :/ and the deadline is the 10th of May,  and one of my best friends is coming to visit for 4 days :O and 2 other friends will be in London for business and pleasure, so I have to make time for everyone and everything...
and the essays will be there, haunting my every move :P

Oh the stress.... :(
But the good part is I'll at least go out for a change, instead of spending each day at home, like an old lady.
It's not my fault though that I feel like an old lady! It's certainly not my choice that this fucking master's course is so demanding and the assessments take so much of my time :(

But I won't say more, because I repeat myself, and I hate that :)

I'll get funny pictures now that my friend will be here though, and at least that will be nice!!


NellieVaughn said...

It would be nice to see some pictures posted. I had the opportunity to check out your youtube channel, and I absolutely loved it. I think you may have been celebrating your birthday in one of the videos. That was my favorite.

NellieVaughn said...
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