Monday, May 14, 2012

Saturday night at Slimelight!

I had the best night since I moved in London, in September.
I can't even describe it with words!

Two friends of mine, that are a couple, and I, we went to this goth club, Slimelight. It's in north London, and it's quite big, with 3 floors.
Anyway, we had much fun, we danced, we talked, we drank, we met a bunch of people, it was all awesome.

The highlight of the night was that I saw Michael James, the popular YouTube makeup artist!!!
Unfortunately I was a little bit drunk at the time, (6:30am) and I went all fan-girl on him. Now that I think about it, it must have been soooo embarrassing, but I wasn't able to tell at that time LOL.
He is so adorable in person!!!! So cute! And he hugged me 3 times, and asked me about my eyeshadow!!! How did I not faint, I have no idea!!! :O LOL
My friends tried to calm me down and told me to stop acting like I'm 12, but it was already too late, I had started to hyperventilate xD

All jokes aside though, it was an AWESOME NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is my friend Sian and me (I'm the blonde on the right, without the dreads). Ugly picture of me btw, very ugly. But who cares.

This is Michael James facebook and YouTube channel!!!


NellieVaughn said...

I don't think it's an ugly picture of you at all. You always look great.
I had to Google this Michael fellow. He is pretty darn attractive. I am guessing I don't have shot?

~Danni~ said...

Thank you so much :)) I think I've had better days though.. since last year I totally hate how I look in photographs, and I can't seem to understand why. Something is different and I'm not sure what. It's either my septum piercing or my short hair that make me look worse. Not sure which (or both) and why.
Anyway. Yes, I think that girls are out of the question for him. I think. :/