Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Sunday!!

Normally one should say Happy Easter and stuff, but I'm not Christian, so I really don't care about the stuff. It's only polite though to wish, so I'm gonna :D

Happy Easter, dear readers :D

This year as you know from my previous post, I'm spending my Easter holidays in Russia. And especially today that is very strange, because although Greek and Russian people are both Christian Orthodox, and they shame many traditions,they are still so very different. My family is not religious or very traditional either, but we mostly follow traditions for company's sake. For example, every Great Friday (the Friday before Easter Sunday) people go to church to pray and kneel before Christ, and a small weird monument that every church makes, especially for that day, it's basically a portable Christ, with flowers and stuff, and it symbolizes the death of Christ and the mourning of the people.
Let's see if I can find any Google images to demonstrate it better than my stupid narrative.
Oh, there are quite a few! This is one of the pretty ones, and less tacky. (most of them are really tacky unfortunately).

Anyway, this wooden square thingy that some young people carry around and the others follow, is what happens. Then on the Great Saturday night, they go to church for Christ's Resurrection.

I used to follow these traditions mostly because it was an excuse to dress up, go out and after weird church stuff, to have fun with my friends. We all use to live very close in the same neighborhoods, so it was quite easy :D  And everybody went, just for that, the motivation to do something fun later :P
I bet most of those people were not even religious at the time, or even now :P

But the fact is I have some very nice memories from those things.
The only time I was not in Greece for Easter holidays, was in 2007, because I was on a trip to Germany with my mom. I had a truly wonderful time, it was one of the best trips I've ever done in my life (and I have traveled A LOT, it's something I'm really really proud of).

So today is different as well. I'm not eating the usual food, the Easter Sunday traditional Greek food (that I love, by the way), but it's not bad, I don't mind. We ate Borsh, which is a delicious Russian traditional soup, and my boyfriend's aunt is a fantastic cook :D

I got a bit reminiscential (?) today, remembering all the other Easters I've had, all my close friends, all the fun and relaxed times we've had :) 
This year is very different for my anyway, with all the changes and everything, so I didn't really expect for other things to be the same, and it's fine. I'm relaxing, and that's all that matters :)  

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NellieVaughn said...

I would have loved it if you posted those pics. We have a similar tradition in Mexico, and boy, is it tacky. Very colorful and strange, really.