Saturday, March 10, 2012

Goth community rant?

For a few days now I have been thinking of writing about the goth community (global) and certain stuff that I would like to get off my chest.
The problem is my threatening deadlines and the fact that I should be writing reports and essays instead of blogging about random stuff that nobody's life depends on them...

So, just a head's up,  there WILL be a nice lengthy rant about the goth community and other goth related things, as well as general subculture things. It's just that I need TIME for many things right now in my life, and I don't really have it, so the less important things will have to wait a little bit.

Also, I have been watching my stats lately, and I must say I am very impressed, I have readers from many countries far away that I never thought possible! Like Brazil, India, Russia and Australia!!
Residents in those countries, thank you very much for reading me, it's an honor to have people for all over the world that find me interesting :)


Mary Grace Biggs said...

uWhy do you like Gothic stuff?

NellieVaughn said...

Well, your posts are a pleasure to read.

Catherine, ex oh mwah! said...

I'm from australia!
love your blog, definately following!
check out mine, follow back if you like it?