Sunday, February 12, 2012

Missing my hobbies and activities

It's strange when one day you suddenly realize you are not doing anything at all, just watch movies and tv series online, and study, and stare out the window, and daydream.

Damn it, when did it come to this?

I used to be so creative! I used to have so many creative hobbies, and I used to do so many things at home!!

I loved alternative decorating my flat, cooking stuff, sewing, altering clothes and accessories, doing fabulous make up, and other related stuff.. Now I don't do anything :/  My free time is limited, and my money is limited as well. So no more expensive hobbies for me...
I found some really cheap shops though, with the help from a friend, and now I feel a tiny bit better for myself.
I may start doing a few more things, try to find myself again, somewhere lost in the everyday routine of crap....

I am really amazed at how I realized that I felt suffocated because I couldn't be as creative as I was. It felt really exhilarating the fact that I can now see what was wrong with these past months, and how I can correct it just by adding creativity back into my life, that misses it so much.

Now I'm off to the kitchen to eat some rice yogurt with cinnamon! :D


NellieVaughn said...

I miss watching television. I have been so busy these past few...years, that I have forgotten how to watch television. You would think it's the simplest thing in the world, but just yesterday, I found I had an hour to kill. I sat down on my couch and could not still my mind. I wanted to kill a few brain cells, but they battled my desires and won.

~Danni~ said...

I can not watch the news, or anything on tv, other than movies, but I do not own a tv anymore, I only watch series online, on my laptop. I hate the brainless feeling tv gives you, but these past few months I seem to enjoy watching the life of others, instead of mine :(((