Thursday, February 9, 2012

#91, #21, #26, #43 achieved!

By now most of you must have forgotten all about that book that made me start this blog.
So let's take a short journey back in time, in 2010.
I started this blog because of this book: "101 things to do before you are old and boring.". Hence the name of my blog. One of the things to do was to start my own blog. Hence the blog itself.

Anyway, back to the present.
Number 91 was to send a valentine's card. Last year's valentine's day was a sweet surprise :) I did not expect anything at all to happen, since I always hated that day. But my boyfriend (who is still with me to this day), showed up at my house, with roses, candy and presents. Needless to say his sweet surprise was the most amazing and sweet thing anyone has ever done to me. <3 I really appreciate how he takes care of me :) Who wouldn't?? :D

Since this year unfortunately we can't spend this day together because of the distance, the least I could do was sent something. I asked him but he refused, because he thinks the post office in his country doesn't work, and things might get lost. So my only option is to send something via internet, that surely can't get lost (let's hope). So an e-card was the best option, although I would prefer to have designed it myself, but my downloaded photoshop has refused to cooperate. So pre-designed ecards it is.

Now, about number 21, to sleep all day,
well, to my shame, I have done this several times these past few years.
Being a university student does that to you :p those who are, know what I'm talking about!! The most recent time though, was during my vacation in Russia. For a few days I was awake at night, and asleep all day.

Moving on!
Number 26 is to help save the planet.
I may not be in a group, like greenpeace or something, but I do my little bit to help, the best I can.
Recycling, turning the lights off, using public transportation, not wasting water or food.

Number 43 is to do something charitable.
I have given clothes to charity in the past 2 years, I have also helped people in need of legal information, food, clothing, etc., and have donated money for people in need of lawyer in prisons.
Plus, I give all my spare change to charity almost everyday at uni, at the donation boxes. Recently I donated a larger amount of money for the seals in Antarctica.

there you go, the latest achievements I've made!
that silly book seems endless........

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