Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Contemporary Vampire Films. Hmm...

I have a bone to pick with a few films, and that's why I'm posting this.
I know I haven't written anything other than personal thoughts and sad rants here for a while, and I think this is definitely worth the effort.

So let's take things step by step.

First I'd like to say that I am a huge cinema & literature fan. I have watched many films, from many different genres and I have read many books, classic and modern literature of many genres. Therefore let's assume for a minute for argument's sake that I have a broad perspective and knowledge (since I've spent all my childhood and teenage years as a fucking pathetic bookworm).

Second, I am a huge vampire fan, and a fan of the supernatural as well. Although I don't go off in the woods at night trying to find ghosts, ufo's, werewolves, and I don't pray a vampire falls in love with me and bites me and lives happily ever after with me, I still love films & literature related to supernatural. It's not the only thing I love, but it's one of my favorites. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a fan of Twilight. This is important to clarify. When I say vampires, I mean vampires. Not 16year old sparkly fashions. I don't mean to offend anyone, just to make things clear.)

Those things being said, I will try to explain the bone I have to pick with the recent film Underworld:Awakening.

To keep it short, I'll stick to the basics:

Why on earth did they make the vampires so human? Vampires have great strength, speed, stamina, etc etc, that's part of the whole contemporary myth (emphasis on contemporary, people). However in this film, we can see Kate Beckinsale jump and run around, but when she fights, she fights.... moderate. I wanted to say "like a girl" but then I remembered a few scenes (2-3 come to mind) that she's actually descent. But that's it :/ And let's not forget the rest of the vampires, they fight like little girls. Where did the vampire strength go? They are supposed to be able to see perfectly in the dark, hear everything, they don't have to breathe, etc etc etc, but NO in this film, they are like a bunch of scared kids with guns. Useless and pathetic. I don't know if everyone has already watched this, so I can't say specifically WHERE those inconsistencies are, because well, SPOILER. But if you've watched it, I guess (and pray) you have noticed it too.
Basically what my problem is that the writers should have considered what it means to have vampires in your movie. It's not regular folks, it's vampires godammit, ancient blood thirsty creatures  that can and will rip your chest open just for the thrill of it. THAT'S  what the movie was lacking. The vampire touch.

Other than that, it was ok.
I dare to say that I expected more though.
It is disappointing to look back to films like "Underworld I", "Blade I", even "Dracula 2000", and although there didn't have the great special effects, the technology we have now, they were not about the original story of vampires like Nosferatu, Count Dracula, blah blah blah, they still had that SOMETHING, that essence of the vampire. Their atmosphere had that melancholy, that little extra, that makes you remember a movie forever, and it doesn't matter how old it is, because every time you see it, it's like seeing it for the first time.

I know people might not agree with me, and it's fine. I'm not saying that my opinion is the right one, it may not be. It's just my opinion, it's the way I feel about this film, and about other films as well. This post is dedicated to Underworld:awakening though, but I am thinking of doing more posts in the future about every film, book, genre, or subculture that I like or dislike.
It might be interesting!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Update about the positive stuff in life

Hello everyone :)

This past week has been fairly bad for me, but it's looking better, and the weather is fantastic, so I thought to post an update about stuff here.
I got so inspired by the sunshine, and said what the heck, lets do it. (But I won't make a habit of it lol so don't worry).

First of all, let me give you the link to my Facebook profile, in case somebody want's to befriend me, to talk more often. But beware, I regularly don't add strangers, so send me a message to say that you are a reader of my blog.  So here I am. I think I will also put that link somewhere in the description box here or in my profile here as well. And my link to my YouTube channel, not that it has anything awesome, but it has funny videos and I am going to upload a slideshow I am making with pictures of my past (happy stuff). So here it is as well.
The update I was talking about was mostly to write the nice things that happened this week.
I bought a new jewelry for my labret piercing. I wanted to stretch it out a little bit. It was 1.2 (because when I first had the piercing, we didn't want to go for something bold, because I am a girl, and I'm supposed to look pretty). But now I wanted to go bolder, so I wanted a 1.6, to match my septum piercing.
So I went to the tattoo salon of my neighborhood, and bought a new one.
Here is a picture for those of you that won't understand what I'm talking about:


The jewelry I bought looks like this, like a little horse shoe, like we say back in my country:  

So yeah, now I 'm very happy about it, I have 2 matching jewelries nose+mouth, and they are massive :D

Something more important, my parents came to visit me. They stayed in Kingston from Monday afternoon until Friday night. We had fun, we went out a lot, for food, drinks, strolling around and taking pictures. We went to Camden market and Leicester square. We went to this shop, "Forbidden Planet" one of my favorites as a geek, and my parents bought all kinds of stuff, comics, books, and little souvenirs and I bought a t-shirt from True Blood, one that says "I'm a fangbanger, Bite me." LOL. I totally hate this tv series, like I've said here before, but I love the books. So it's an addiction to actually watch the episodes and the nag all about how awful they are. I just can't stop!
I also decided that from now on I will only buy t-shirts with cool logos on them, from bands, or tv series and movies I love. No more regular clothes.
That's a weird statement, considering I am a goth, so why would I have "normal" clothes, lol? But I do have some that I've bought from chain stores, and they're cheap and handy. I will continue to buy them (only in black of course) and everything else I need is going to be really special :)

On a different note, the weather these days was peculiar. It's bad one day, great the next. Now it's been 3 days in a row full with sunshine and it's amazing. You can smell spring coming :)
I took  few (bad quality pictures) with my mobile phone's camera, of the sky and the river and I uploaded them on Facebook (as always), so you can find them there if you want to take a peek.

I also changed a few things in my room again, and I moved the curtains to the other side of the window (there were supposed to be fixed on one side), and now I can sit on the other side of my bay window as well :) which is very nice, because I can see a different view now!
The only good thing about this room is the space and the window. It's a large room, and it has an equally large bay window were I can climb and sit and look out and daydream for hours....
this is kinda how it looks from the inside, but again THIS IS NOT MY PICTURE, IT'S DOWNLOADED FROM GOOGLE.

Today I woke up with a sore throat, and I don't feel so well, I hope I don't get sick :( I had an important deadline on Wednesday and I need to write and study, so I can't really afford to get sick right now :( 

That's all for now, back to my hot tea (although I can feel the sickness approaching me not matter what) and back to my ethics application for my dissertation...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Waiting for the things that never come (and Valentine's day rant)

Today was Valentine's Day. Big surprise.

I spent the day studying, reading in general, doing stuff on the internet, had a class at uni, cooked pasta with cheese sauce, did my laundry. That's about it.

I miss last year's valentine's day, just a little bit.
It was something nice, in a way I've never experienced before.

Of course this year it's totally different. I am all alone.
And everything seems fake. Everything seems so fake and pretentious and stupid, that scares me.

For some weird ironic reason, no matter how good or bad things in my life are, I can only experience nice things only once. After that, it's all gone. I try to understand why this happens, but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere.
Cute surprises and gifts only happen once. Love, comfort, only happens for a while. Dreams only last for a while, before they crumble under the weight of reality and other priorities people have in their lives.

Yeah I know, this is turning into a rant again, but I couldn't care less.
You can always stop reading, if you haven't already.
I find this blog really cathartic for my thoughts. That is why I have turned it into a kind of online dairy. Not that  I'm ashamed of anything- I get 10 hits per day, if it's a good day. And most of them are about an old post about Betty Crooker recipes for cookies. Jesus.....
So I'm not worried who reads my private thoughts.

So, inspired by the gloomy sadness this day brought, the sad remembrance of what was, and was will never be, we can only drink our sorrows away, and rant in the sad candle light. Yes, I do have candles lit right now, on my desk, next to my laptop.
Speaking of drinking, I have a great cider downstairs in the fridge. I'm gonna go get it.

I'm back.

I haven't drank this for a while, I had forgotten how it tastes. (Kopparberg cider, with strawberry and lime).
Why not? Class doesn't start until 2 pm tomorrow anyway... And the night it still very young.

Anyway, thinking about my sad life and things that only happen once, etc etc, other stuff pop in mind as well. Unpleasant memories of my once glorious past.
And I keep wondering how many mistakes I've made.
And I keep wondering how many more I will do in the future.
And I keep go back and forth in my head, and all I have is questions and sadness. No answers anywhere. Not even from the people that I thought were so much better than this.
Because like I said, nice things only happen once in my life. And then never again. And I'm left with the pain and the questions, and then everything turns to numbness and I don't care about anything and anyone, not even myself, and I hate everything.

Sometimes it feels like all I have left is pictures, videos, my memories.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Missing my hobbies and activities

It's strange when one day you suddenly realize you are not doing anything at all, just watch movies and tv series online, and study, and stare out the window, and daydream.

Damn it, when did it come to this?

I used to be so creative! I used to have so many creative hobbies, and I used to do so many things at home!!

I loved alternative decorating my flat, cooking stuff, sewing, altering clothes and accessories, doing fabulous make up, and other related stuff.. Now I don't do anything :/  My free time is limited, and my money is limited as well. So no more expensive hobbies for me...
I found some really cheap shops though, with the help from a friend, and now I feel a tiny bit better for myself.
I may start doing a few more things, try to find myself again, somewhere lost in the everyday routine of crap....

I am really amazed at how I realized that I felt suffocated because I couldn't be as creative as I was. It felt really exhilarating the fact that I can now see what was wrong with these past months, and how I can correct it just by adding creativity back into my life, that misses it so much.

Now I'm off to the kitchen to eat some rice yogurt with cinnamon! :D

Thursday, February 9, 2012

#91, #21, #26, #43 achieved!

By now most of you must have forgotten all about that book that made me start this blog.
So let's take a short journey back in time, in 2010.
I started this blog because of this book: "101 things to do before you are old and boring.". Hence the name of my blog. One of the things to do was to start my own blog. Hence the blog itself.

Anyway, back to the present.
Number 91 was to send a valentine's card. Last year's valentine's day was a sweet surprise :) I did not expect anything at all to happen, since I always hated that day. But my boyfriend (who is still with me to this day), showed up at my house, with roses, candy and presents. Needless to say his sweet surprise was the most amazing and sweet thing anyone has ever done to me. <3 I really appreciate how he takes care of me :) Who wouldn't?? :D

Since this year unfortunately we can't spend this day together because of the distance, the least I could do was sent something. I asked him but he refused, because he thinks the post office in his country doesn't work, and things might get lost. So my only option is to send something via internet, that surely can't get lost (let's hope). So an e-card was the best option, although I would prefer to have designed it myself, but my downloaded photoshop has refused to cooperate. So pre-designed ecards it is.

Now, about number 21, to sleep all day,
well, to my shame, I have done this several times these past few years.
Being a university student does that to you :p those who are, know what I'm talking about!! The most recent time though, was during my vacation in Russia. For a few days I was awake at night, and asleep all day.

Moving on!
Number 26 is to help save the planet.
I may not be in a group, like greenpeace or something, but I do my little bit to help, the best I can.
Recycling, turning the lights off, using public transportation, not wasting water or food.

Number 43 is to do something charitable.
I have given clothes to charity in the past 2 years, I have also helped people in need of legal information, food, clothing, etc., and have donated money for people in need of lawyer in prisons.
Plus, I give all my spare change to charity almost everyday at uni, at the donation boxes. Recently I donated a larger amount of money for the seals in Antarctica.

there you go, the latest achievements I've made!
that silly book seems endless........