Wednesday, January 4, 2012

First post of the year!

and I'm back in Kingston :/
After a good time in Athens for the holidays, now I came back here 'cause you can never escape uni :P

I realized that home is over there. It took me a few days to relax and to feel at home again, but I did. And so it hurt again when I left. I got use to Athens again, I got used to my house and my familiar surroundings, my cat, my friends, and my sweet boyfriend being around, and I had to give everything up again, to come here :/ it sucks.

One other thing that sucks is easyjet and their 20kg baggage allowance. God damn it, I had 23.8 kg when I came back to London, so I had to pay overweight. I'm still so mad about that....
And plus, I wish that the first time I moved here in September, I had brought less clothes and more stuff. Like my oil burners, some pictures to hang on the wall, etc. I did bring a few things though, lets not be so strict. I brought a few things that my boyfriend and I made for each other and some stuff that will remind us of the good times. But you can never have enough. I would like some other stuff though, some pictures from my younger years, with friends, and some decorations that I have at the house in Athens, just to make this room more happy and familiar and more like a safe place than a prison.

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