Tuesday, January 24, 2012

facebook and my views per day.....

So I write a ridiculous post that includes big hit words, and I post it on fucking Facebook, and I get 40 views in one day, just on that post. Then next days I just get 2 views, maximum, and on unrelated posts. Dafuq???

What the hell is wrong with people? Are they so bored to keep on reading the other posts??? Am I so boring?? Is what I write about that boring??? Bitch please, I've seen what other people write, and even the people that were on the Blogs of Note here on blogger, and it's boring crap, I don't even scroll down my page!!!! And note that I am a person who enjoys new things, new blogs, new experiences, new  stuff in general, and not even I can bear them.

And that's what you get with other really popular blogs:

  • Blogs about artistic pictures (not very good actually, not very artistic, not something worth your precious time) from trips around the globe. 

  • Blogs about food, very expensive and chef-like quality food (pictures OF COURSE). Who the hell cares about that. A lot of people apparently. PLUS, how to cook in a very small kitchen. Yes, you read it right. I would actually post the link for all these ridiculous blogs, but I'm not mean, and I wouldn't enjoy an argument with their creators. After all, everyone has a right to write stupid stuff and be popular at the same time. I'm glad for them, and sorry for me at the same time.  

  • Blogs about your next door neighbor, who is an 85year old lady with 2 gran kids, who wants to redecorate her attic. Seriously now? you are interested in that????

  • Blogs about winter and the outdoors, and how to google forest animals. Yes. Believe it. 

  • Blogs of proud parents about their kids... there's like a million of those blogs.... and there are all the same. Unfortunately none of those kids is special enough to have a blog dedicated to it's daily endeavors.  Sorry parents, but it's the sad truth. 

And more stuff like that..... 

So anyway, seems there's nothing I can do to. I've trying asking questions at the end of my posts, to stimulate reader's communication and interaction. It didn't work. 
I've tried posting links for more popular internet personas that I find very interesting and inspiring. It didn't work. 
I've posted on Facebook and it worked for 1-2 days, for that 1 post and then nothing. 

I've commented on other people's blogs. Didn't work. 

I really don't know what else to do. 

Any ideas???


NellieVaughn said...

Start writing about children who cook food, with their old neighbors.

~Danni~ said...

hahaha I could do that, I am tempted actually, the only problem is that after 1 post, I will be dead. Out of boredom xD

MynameisEarl said...

You could make your blog look a bit more inviting. A bit of colour perhaps, none of these dark colours - unless that's your thing.

~Danni~ said...

Dear MynameisEarl, yes, I have considered changing the colors, but it's supposed to be a blog by a goth person :P I will find an appropriate background though, because even I think that this blog needs some changes :) thank you for the advice!