Friday, January 6, 2012

A beer for the shower

Getting inspired from "A beer for the shower" last blog post, I decided to look at my stats to see how many hits I have from search machines and with what key words.

Very disturbing results!!!
The referring sites were mostly,,,   and  so that's normal, but the disturbing thing is the search keywords my reader used and bumped into my blog. 1st keyword with most hits, "my tits". WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE?!?!??!!!! Who searches on Google for "my tits" and finds my blog, and WHY???? There is nothing on my blog about tits! (I think..). But still, who does that?? God, human stupidity is infinite. Like Einstain said.

Anyway, the most important lesson of today's exploration, besides "my tits", is the fact that I need to get more hits from the search engines, and  great way to do that is by simply mentioning stuff and people. And let's hope for the best!

It's not the popularity that I'm after, or the numbers. It's just nice to feel that someone reads what I write and I'm not alone out there, in this awful cold world. It's nice to feel that communication :))))

So please comment :P 

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