Sunday, December 18, 2011

New dreads on my head!!!

 Finally I have synthetic dreadlocks installed in my hair <3 that's just awesome!!! :)))
I got them handmade (and custom made of course), and they are really really pretty. I will post pictures later, because now, believe it or not, I don't have any..
It took so long to have them braided in, because the hairdresser really took her time with me LOL and it would have been an hour normally, but it took her nearly three. And it was totally irritating me, but I was patient, and I got through it..

Anyway, I have a couple things to write about today, but they are on VERY different subjects, so I'll finish this post, and I'll write another one (or 2), just to make them relevant and coherent. Otherwise they'll be one huge rant that doesn't make sense...

So Dreads it is, for this post, and pics ill be added later :D

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