Sunday, December 4, 2011

bittersweet moments before Christmas

One of my housemates was listening to this song this afternoon.

It was so nice, I could hear it behind his closed door, as I was going downstairs to the kitchen to wash some of my dishes and forks, etc. 

It kinda made me think that not all things in my life are miserable, that it's actually not so bad here, and I just feel lonely because I don't have my significant other to share things with. I think life would be so much better if  we were together here. We would be able to do so many things, we would have fun and I could enjoy the simple everyday things that are so nice in life, that I can't enjoy now...

But the thing is that I have to be positive, I have to focus on the good stuff, on the future. That's the funny thing about the future, you NEVER now what it will bring. You may think it's going to be great, but it may turn out to be totally different from what you expected and shitty. You may think it's gonna be dreadful and painful, but it may surprise you in the most awesome ways and make you happy. 
That's why I never make plans that far ahead anymore, cause you really can't know :) And I don't like to get caught in situations that I may want to get out of eventually :)) 
I don't know if it's good or bad, or really dysfunctional, but that's what I do and how I think.
I hope I'm not develloping any commitment issues or whatever.. oh crap, I have to look into that xD 

Anyway, and since I was talking about the future, and stuff like that, this song came to mind: 

One of my all-time favorite singers/composers ever. 

That's all for today :P 

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