Friday, December 30, 2011


It's my birthday today :D
I'm gonna throw a big party :)) pictures are gonna be in my FB page, as always :)))
and to be honest this uploader here in blogger, is really not convenient at all :/ I don't know, I just hate the damn thing LOL

Also, the dreads are awesome, many many thanks to Dollylox Dreads in the UK that made them for me :)))
(I also look awesome in them xD )

Songs of today are so far:
The Prodigy- take me to the hospital  and
Aesthetic Perfection- the siren .
We'll see what else I'll have on my list later on :D

P.S. I'm turning 24 LOL I'M GETTING OLD GODAMMIT!!!!

P.S. 2  I made it! I got over the 25posts barrier of last year!!! YES!!!! I've written more posts this year!!!!!

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