Sunday, November 6, 2011

No halloween party this year

no pics for a jack-o-latern, no cool party at my house, no fun.
I spent Halloween at college, studying statistics and methods of research. And then a beer or two at a local pub here in Kingston, and then a weird kebab, (which gave someone a food poisoning) and then drunk-dialing my boyfriend (actually drunk-texting on skype) to tell him how much I miss him and how much I hate this distance between us and how much I love him and I can't wait to see him on the holidays.
Yep, clasic.

Anyhoo, no good story for me to tell this year, no funny videos or anything :/ It feels so disappointing... Last year was so much worse for me, but I managed to do everything. But this year I'm away from home and that's to blame. Being away from my friends and family, doesn't make me want to throw a party. Or go to one.

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