Friday, November 18, 2011

5 more posts to go!

I realized that last year I posted 25 blog entries, and this year, 20. That's so unfair, because I wanted to do so much more, I wanted to write so much more, I had so many nice things to blog about.. But I don't regret it that much, because I enjoyed life, every second of it, without stopping to think about blogging, or internet things. (with the exception of  posting new pictures on facebook :p LOL) 

Anyway, I want to beat my last year's number, so I have to post more stuff :p which isn't at all hard, since I have SO MANY things to write about!! 
Starting with tomorrow's activity: I'm going to an exposition for Soviet art and architecture. It's at the Royal Academy of Arts here in London and I think it's going to be really nice and educational. Also, there is a gallery expo for Degas and ballet (so famous), and I'd like to see that as well!!! It's not very often you get to see so many amazing things in one day!!! 
So there we go, I'll get an early start (but not too early, I'm not the morning type), so I'll have plenty of time to spend there (and I hope they allow pictures!!!). 

I'm going to write a little bit about it when I get back :))) 
What's every one's plans for the weekend??? :)

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