Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skylights and rants

How cool would it be if we had skylights at the house?? On the ceiling of my bedroom!  Although I admit I'm NOT a fan of morning light when I wake up, but still I think they would look cool. And if they had shades, to help leave the sun light out when I didn't want it, it would be even cooler!!!  A grrrrrreat place for skylights would be the ceiling in uni though. Or the library! Don't get me wrong, we have many windows, and most of them are big, and we get plenty of natural light. It's that you can't beat the skylights' coolness and natural light  :D that, or I'm just obsessed with NCIS's offices and skylights in general...

Personal fact: When I was 6 years old, my mom and I moved in another house, and my room had 2 windows, a big one that led to a big balcony, and a smaller one, just by my bed. My mom had put up a little curtain there, and every night I went to bed I used to open the curtain to look at the night sky. I used to love that. During my high school years, I left the curtain open as well, (we were back to our old house then) and I moved my bed near the window, to be able to see the sky again. It used to comfort me so much, to look at the trees outside and the night sky, the clouds, the lights from the other houses.

I don't often think about those days, I don't like to remember them, but those little details that I had to try hard to remember now, all come back to me and feel so familiar. Familiar but distant. So distant. Like it wasn't me that looked out of that window every night, listening to my portable cd player, drawing, writing poems, thinking, imagining the future, my future, a time when everything would be so much better... It's so weird that I don't remember those days, unless I try to. It's weird, but I feel so distant from my old self... I try to find old me, but it's so hard sometimes... But it's nice when I do, because it feels warm and familiar :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sick....but not in a kinky way

I started feeling sick on Wednesday, and woke up sick on Thursday. My tonsils are to blame, they got swollen and I couldn't breath properly. Not something dangerous though, it was happened to me many times in the past, and I know how to deal with it. Thankfully it went away and I woke up a lot better today.
I rarely get sick, and I hate it when it happens... I walked to the supermarket today, and now I feel weird again, I hope I don't sick again!!! I thought I was going to pull through!!! :@ damn it...

Last Saturday I went to that expedition I was talking about, it was nice. I like the soviet architecture part, the art I have seen before, in a similar expedition in Athens a couple of years ago. I also saw the Degas expedition, with a combined ticket of 12 pounds, (student ticket). It was enjoyable, I really like Degas and I find his work really delightful to the eye. Here's a little something, since I was not allowed to take pictures:

Anyway, it was a nice day out. If we don't count the fact that the Picadilly Circus station was closed when I wanted to come back home, and I had to walk to Charing Cross. I got just a tiny bit lost, but my phone has the internet, so I went on Google Maps, and found my way thank god :P

I love walking in central London, day or night. I feel sad sometimes that I live over here in Kingston, and not central, but my university is here, so it's convenient I guess... I would love to live closer though :(((

It has been ages since I've posted stuff about make up, blah blah blah blah, so here is an update!!!
I've been watching tutorial vigorously again xD and here are a couple that I really liked. Maybe the language is  not helpful, and the demonstration either, but at least there are pictures and you get the gist of it xD LOL

there you go, I hope it's inspiring, there were VERY inspiring for me at least, I'll be wearing some versions of them very soon :)))

Friday, November 18, 2011

5 more posts to go!

I realized that last year I posted 25 blog entries, and this year, 20. That's so unfair, because I wanted to do so much more, I wanted to write so much more, I had so many nice things to blog about.. But I don't regret it that much, because I enjoyed life, every second of it, without stopping to think about blogging, or internet things. (with the exception of  posting new pictures on facebook :p LOL) 

Anyway, I want to beat my last year's number, so I have to post more stuff :p which isn't at all hard, since I have SO MANY things to write about!! 
Starting with tomorrow's activity: I'm going to an exposition for Soviet art and architecture. It's at the Royal Academy of Arts here in London and I think it's going to be really nice and educational. Also, there is a gallery expo for Degas and ballet (so famous), and I'd like to see that as well!!! It's not very often you get to see so many amazing things in one day!!! 
So there we go, I'll get an early start (but not too early, I'm not the morning type), so I'll have plenty of time to spend there (and I hope they allow pictures!!!). 

I'm going to write a little bit about it when I get back :))) 
What's every one's plans for the weekend??? :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

No halloween party this year

no pics for a jack-o-latern, no cool party at my house, no fun.
I spent Halloween at college, studying statistics and methods of research. And then a beer or two at a local pub here in Kingston, and then a weird kebab, (which gave someone a food poisoning) and then drunk-dialing my boyfriend (actually drunk-texting on skype) to tell him how much I miss him and how much I hate this distance between us and how much I love him and I can't wait to see him on the holidays.
Yep, clasic.

Anyhoo, no good story for me to tell this year, no funny videos or anything :/ It feels so disappointing... Last year was so much worse for me, but I managed to do everything. But this year I'm away from home and that's to blame. Being away from my friends and family, doesn't make me want to throw a party. Or go to one.