Friday, September 16, 2011

big questions in life, come in awkward moments

Has it ever happened to you, to have all this mindblowing inspiration, when you can't really do anything about it at the moment???
Unfortunatelly it happens to me all the time. I might be on the bus, or in the shower, or crossing the bridge near my hotel, or watching something on my laptop.
And at that minute I could write a million things... but there's nowhere to write them on. And when I have free time to write them here, they're all gone from my mind... I can remember half of it, but it's not worth it.... I'm so frustrated by that time, that I can't write anything.. the inspiration is gone! 

The same thing happens to me when I think about big questions, like how I want to live my life, if that's what I'll want "for ever", what is actually worth in life for me, how can I improve myself, what kind of person do I want to become, how I want to behave.. How and where will I be in the next 3 years?? and after that???
All these questions roam in my head and sometimes they are quiet, but sometimes they are so loud, deafening... 
I think that these questions are beginning to find little answers in my mind, but only time can tell if they are actually going to be true.........

How about you my readers? when do you find inspiration? and when do you lose it? and what are the big questions in your heads????

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