Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can you hear me internet people? It's me, Danni.

As I often do, I was checking my blog stats today. And Jesus Fucking Christ, the only traffic sourse I got was from Betty Crocker's pictures I have in some old post. Really people??? Nobody reads me but some usa housewifes looking googling betty crocker??????? REALLY????
I don't know if I'm dissapointed or angry, or what. I read other people's blogs, not many, but some. I check some goth websites, I check some youtube channels and stuff. Others are not so much more interesting than me, nor do they write wise stuff-worth reading everyday. But you read them, and you leave comments, and you show them that someone is out there somewhere, behind a screen, watching.

Maybe it's because I don't write very often. Maybe its's because my backround is black, and it's tiring for the eyes, maybe I don't know anything about selling myself and my blog and advertising, maybe I just don't have what it takes. I seriously don't know what's wrong.
You actually read what people ate for breakfast, or how they dressed their kids today, or what stupid joke their boss said at work, but no, you don't read what I write because I don't have adds on my blog, or because I don't have 2000 friends on facebook. LOL. Pathetic.

So I'll keep on writing for myself. This blog will become more personal, in a form of public diary, since there is no point in keeping things secret anymore (why keep something secret anyway if noone is here to see it?).

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Panas said...

lovely! I'll love to lern your secrets!!! :D

with love,
your only reader :P