Tuesday, July 12, 2011

White Chalk

Like I wasn't miserable enough this afternoon, I'm listening to PJHarvey's "white chalk" album on my iTunes... "dear darkness" is a song I always loved but is SO sad.. and all the other songs on this album are sad too :( I have to write an article today but I can't find the energy or the mood to do it..
I was house hunting on the internet for a flat near Kingston Univercity because I'll have to move there on September, but I couldn't find anything that fits my budget or that I don't have to share with 15 people LOL :P
I am not so interested into sharing my kitchen and my bathroom with other people :( but I can't spend more than 500 Pounds per month on rent :/
If anyone has any ideas, or knows a place, let me know!!

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