Saturday, July 2, 2011

Huh? Yep, random rant.

Well, I'm back from London since Monday. It was fun, a bit tiring but adventurous in small scale of course :p

On Wednesday we went to a gig, Agnostic Front and First Blood. It was awsome :D I really like that I get the chance to listen to different things than my everyday electro-industrial-ebm playlist :p And I really love it that my other half likes that music better and drags me to all these gigs <3 Well I can't say that I don't enjoy my ass off LOL :DD

These past weeks (during the London trip and since I got back) I've been a bit stressed because of all the decisions I have to take. I'm not really happy about them and I know why.
I'm supposed to go to college in the UK for a master's degree. I've applied to 4 universities and they have all accepted me. Now I just need to reply to them and accept one place in one college. But which one? My options are University of Glasgow, University of Essex, University of Kingston and University of Hertfordshire. I am currently between Glasgow and Kingston. Glasgow is one of the top universities for psychology majors (which is what I'm studying) in Britain, and Kingston is a very good university too, and it's so close to London :(( So I don't know what to choose :'( Glasgow is so far away (5hours train ride to London!!) but it's in Scotland, which has a nice gothic weather hahahah :P

Plus, I don't like the fact that I'm going to leave my beloved people behind for at least a year :( My master's in a conversion course that lasts 1 year and then I get my license and I can join the british psychology society which is very cool) But I'd like to continue my studies further and maybe get another master's later, for specialisation in a psychology department. That means years. Years I'll have to be 2000 miles away from everything I know and love, my house, my cats, my boyfriend (my parents I don't mind so much, I'm 23 for God's sake!!).

Anyway, besides my turmoil about universities (actually it would be helpfull if anyone had any advice for me at this point my readers) there are other things in my mind too. Like my resent discovery of Charlaine Harris's new books!!! Book 9 and 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels are out :D I was thrilled!!! Of course I bought them on ebay immediately :D including a short-stories book about Sookie :p here is the link to Harris's official site where you can see all new stuff :D If you read this blog, then you know I ADORE these books :)

What else was I thinking about? Ah!
Let's leave it for my next post!

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