Friday, March 18, 2011

make up stuff and interesting people (special tribute)

Just wanted to share with you a few things :D
First, make up stuff :p
I've been very satisfied with the "Manly 120" palette, which I've bought on e-bay, for a cheap price. It's from Hong Kong if I'm not mistaking, but the quality is great, and the colours are fantastic and last for many hours without neading re-touch. I didn't get any allergic reaction and I'm glad :D I have sensitive skin and sometimes cosmetic products affect me. Anyway, I use this pallete almost daily :)

I also have the "Pro 88" palette, (it comes in 2 variations, the flash colours and the warm ones) I have the one with the flash colours of course, but here are both:

My newest acquisition is this: the "Fräulein3* 8 28 blush" pallete! I'm so ecxited to try these colours :D I'm just bought it yesterday on e-bay, and I'm waiting for it to be delivered in the mail. :)))
Now the other thing I wanted to share with you:
Have you noticed how there are so many interesting people on YouTube, with interesting videos, just waiting to be discovered by you???? :) Or even fellow bloggers, with very cute/interesting blogs :)
So I wanted to mention a few of the people I've discoved by chance (or not) or by viewing their tutorials, reading their blogs, etc. Maybe you can check them out for yourselves, or discover other people as well!!
I'll try to make their names links so that it'll be easier for you to find out why they are so special!
Adora Brat Bat (the house of Foamy the squirrel, a web cartoon which I LOVE)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

#56 and #63 achieved!!!

#56: Know who your friends are. Yeah, like I needed a silly test to help me find out my true friends :p I'm 23 years old, not 3!! LOL xD but the questions were hillarious! for example: "has your friend ever stolen your boy/girlfriend"? or "has your friend ever hit you?" LOL!!! why would I ever think that they are my frieds, if they've hit me, or stolen my boyfriend??? It was fun none the less :DD

#63: List the things your parents say they'll tell you the answer to when you're older. Well, the only question that my dad hasn't answered is why people get divorsed and why did he divorsed mom. I was 6 when I asked him, and yeah, maybe I was too young to understand. I eventually did understand of course.
So that's it for today's achievements :D