Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick again

I've been sick with a mild flu the past week, and I thought I wasn't going to be very sick. Indeed I wasn't, no fever, no haedache, nothing, just a runny nose and some cough. I took some pills for the runny nose and I was ok for days, but today (almost a week later) it started all over again :/ I hate runny nose. I seldom get sick, even when everyone around me is sick with the flu or whatever, I never get sick. So I hate it when it happens.... :@ At least I can still breathe from both nostrils, and my taste isn't gone :p So I'll keep taking the pills and hopefully in a couple of days I'll be better! Maybe the fact that the weather changed so suddenly to extra cold, didn't help at all :p And on Saturday night it was raining and the wind was crazy, so I got a little wet and cold. I've been feeling cold since then :/ It doesn't matter how many clothes I wear, I still feel very cold, and when I'm in the house, I rap myself with fleece blankets from Ikea :p
Anyway, these past days I haven't done many things worth mentioning, except going to a gig and having fun and going to a museum to see a prohistorical exposition which has exceptional :D

Will write more soon :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year and all...

Happy new year everyone! :D

I've had a good time during the holidays, which is unusual for me, since I hate holidays.. But this year it was ok. I've had a good birthday, (my bday is december the 30th), we went to Friday's with some friends and we had a great time, and then we went to a bar.

That's what I drank all by myself! A beer, a shot of Ursus vodka, and two submarines (with beer and whisky). I had a great time!!! xD

Today I've done some online shopping! For quite some time now I was looking for hair accessories that were gothic, but not kitch.. As I was browsing through FantasmAgoria 's online shop, I found a bunch of stuff that I liked!
I ordered these hair clips amongst other things:
I think they look goth and cute, but not "too much". There was a big selection, but I don't like bows or polka dots on my head :p so I was going for something more "serious and mean" :P
I also bought some Direction's hair dye for my hair, from ebay, because it's so expensive to keep buying Stargazer from my local store :@ and plus, the direction's tube contains more product than the stargazer's tube! It's cheaper for me to buy 2 tubes AND pay the shipping cost, that buy 1 tube in the local store!!!! Can you believe it?!?! that makes me furious!!! Anyway, I bought Flamingo Pink and I hope it turns out as bright and strong as the shoking pink+baby pink I used to use. You'll have to wait and see :p