Friday, December 30, 2011


It's my birthday today :D
I'm gonna throw a big party :)) pictures are gonna be in my FB page, as always :)))
and to be honest this uploader here in blogger, is really not convenient at all :/ I don't know, I just hate the damn thing LOL

Also, the dreads are awesome, many many thanks to Dollylox Dreads in the UK that made them for me :)))
(I also look awesome in them xD )

Songs of today are so far:
The Prodigy- take me to the hospital  and
Aesthetic Perfection- the siren .
We'll see what else I'll have on my list later on :D

P.S. I'm turning 24 LOL I'M GETTING OLD GODAMMIT!!!!

P.S. 2  I made it! I got over the 25posts barrier of last year!!! YES!!!! I've written more posts this year!!!!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Where Is Home??? :(

I got back home on Friday night.
It felt so weird, and it still does.
Up untill last Monday, I was so excited to come home, and after that I was just overwhelmed and stressed out.
But I just shut up and made my bags, and got on that damn plane, and got home.
My parents came to the airport to pick me up, which was nice :)
When I got into my house, it was like walking into a strange place. It felt so cold, so strange, so.. not my home. I have no idea why I felt like that. And then I felt guilty about that. I wanted to feel happy, I wanted to feel warm and nice and homy, and like nothing has changed. But instead I felt weird and cold.

I hate this.
I hate my new life.
I don't know where home is anymore.
Is home here?
Is home back in Kingston?
Where the hell is home now? :'(

I'm scared of my own sad and detached self.
I'm scared of the fact that I have to go back, and feel good about it again.
I'm scared of the amount of uni work I have to do during the holidays, and how the hell am I going to see my friends in the meantime?
I'm scared of my relationship with my boyfriend.
I'm scared it might change, or it might have already changed.
I'm scared of how sometimes my mind just gets out of control, and my feelings get confused, and I haven't done anything at all to make this shit happen..  how one day I have everything figured out and the next day it's all a big fucking unsure mess in my fucking head.
I'm scared of how I feel now.
I'm scared of how he feels now.
I'm scared of my future, both work and love related.
I'm just so tired of feeling empty and cut in half.
So tired and so sad.

I don't know if there in an answer to all of the above, I'm not sure there even is a question!
What I said in my previous posts is that we can never know the future, and it is true. And I shouldn't be trying to predict anything in my head, because it's pointless anyway. But why do I still do it then?

Some days, it's just unbearable.
Some days I just want to give up.
Some days it's just not worth it anymore.

New dreads on my head!!!

 Finally I have synthetic dreadlocks installed in my hair <3 that's just awesome!!! :)))
I got them handmade (and custom made of course), and they are really really pretty. I will post pictures later, because now, believe it or not, I don't have any..
It took so long to have them braided in, because the hairdresser really took her time with me LOL and it would have been an hour normally, but it took her nearly three. And it was totally irritating me, but I was patient, and I got through it..

Anyway, I have a couple things to write about today, but they are on VERY different subjects, so I'll finish this post, and I'll write another one (or 2), just to make them relevant and coherent. Otherwise they'll be one huge rant that doesn't make sense...

So Dreads it is, for this post, and pics ill be added later :D

Sunday, December 4, 2011

bittersweet moments before Christmas

One of my housemates was listening to this song this afternoon.

It was so nice, I could hear it behind his closed door, as I was going downstairs to the kitchen to wash some of my dishes and forks, etc. 

It kinda made me think that not all things in my life are miserable, that it's actually not so bad here, and I just feel lonely because I don't have my significant other to share things with. I think life would be so much better if  we were together here. We would be able to do so many things, we would have fun and I could enjoy the simple everyday things that are so nice in life, that I can't enjoy now...

But the thing is that I have to be positive, I have to focus on the good stuff, on the future. That's the funny thing about the future, you NEVER now what it will bring. You may think it's going to be great, but it may turn out to be totally different from what you expected and shitty. You may think it's gonna be dreadful and painful, but it may surprise you in the most awesome ways and make you happy. 
That's why I never make plans that far ahead anymore, cause you really can't know :) And I don't like to get caught in situations that I may want to get out of eventually :)) 
I don't know if it's good or bad, or really dysfunctional, but that's what I do and how I think.
I hope I'm not develloping any commitment issues or whatever.. oh crap, I have to look into that xD 

Anyway, and since I was talking about the future, and stuff like that, this song came to mind: 

One of my all-time favorite singers/composers ever. 

That's all for today :P 

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Skylights and rants

How cool would it be if we had skylights at the house?? On the ceiling of my bedroom!  Although I admit I'm NOT a fan of morning light when I wake up, but still I think they would look cool. And if they had shades, to help leave the sun light out when I didn't want it, it would be even cooler!!!  A grrrrrreat place for skylights would be the ceiling in uni though. Or the library! Don't get me wrong, we have many windows, and most of them are big, and we get plenty of natural light. It's that you can't beat the skylights' coolness and natural light  :D that, or I'm just obsessed with NCIS's offices and skylights in general...

Personal fact: When I was 6 years old, my mom and I moved in another house, and my room had 2 windows, a big one that led to a big balcony, and a smaller one, just by my bed. My mom had put up a little curtain there, and every night I went to bed I used to open the curtain to look at the night sky. I used to love that. During my high school years, I left the curtain open as well, (we were back to our old house then) and I moved my bed near the window, to be able to see the sky again. It used to comfort me so much, to look at the trees outside and the night sky, the clouds, the lights from the other houses.

I don't often think about those days, I don't like to remember them, but those little details that I had to try hard to remember now, all come back to me and feel so familiar. Familiar but distant. So distant. Like it wasn't me that looked out of that window every night, listening to my portable cd player, drawing, writing poems, thinking, imagining the future, my future, a time when everything would be so much better... It's so weird that I don't remember those days, unless I try to. It's weird, but I feel so distant from my old self... I try to find old me, but it's so hard sometimes... But it's nice when I do, because it feels warm and familiar :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Sick....but not in a kinky way

I started feeling sick on Wednesday, and woke up sick on Thursday. My tonsils are to blame, they got swollen and I couldn't breath properly. Not something dangerous though, it was happened to me many times in the past, and I know how to deal with it. Thankfully it went away and I woke up a lot better today.
I rarely get sick, and I hate it when it happens... I walked to the supermarket today, and now I feel weird again, I hope I don't sick again!!! I thought I was going to pull through!!! :@ damn it...

Last Saturday I went to that expedition I was talking about, it was nice. I like the soviet architecture part, the art I have seen before, in a similar expedition in Athens a couple of years ago. I also saw the Degas expedition, with a combined ticket of 12 pounds, (student ticket). It was enjoyable, I really like Degas and I find his work really delightful to the eye. Here's a little something, since I was not allowed to take pictures:

Anyway, it was a nice day out. If we don't count the fact that the Picadilly Circus station was closed when I wanted to come back home, and I had to walk to Charing Cross. I got just a tiny bit lost, but my phone has the internet, so I went on Google Maps, and found my way thank god :P

I love walking in central London, day or night. I feel sad sometimes that I live over here in Kingston, and not central, but my university is here, so it's convenient I guess... I would love to live closer though :(((

It has been ages since I've posted stuff about make up, blah blah blah blah, so here is an update!!!
I've been watching tutorial vigorously again xD and here are a couple that I really liked. Maybe the language is  not helpful, and the demonstration either, but at least there are pictures and you get the gist of it xD LOL

there you go, I hope it's inspiring, there were VERY inspiring for me at least, I'll be wearing some versions of them very soon :)))

Friday, November 18, 2011

5 more posts to go!

I realized that last year I posted 25 blog entries, and this year, 20. That's so unfair, because I wanted to do so much more, I wanted to write so much more, I had so many nice things to blog about.. But I don't regret it that much, because I enjoyed life, every second of it, without stopping to think about blogging, or internet things. (with the exception of  posting new pictures on facebook :p LOL) 

Anyway, I want to beat my last year's number, so I have to post more stuff :p which isn't at all hard, since I have SO MANY things to write about!! 
Starting with tomorrow's activity: I'm going to an exposition for Soviet art and architecture. It's at the Royal Academy of Arts here in London and I think it's going to be really nice and educational. Also, there is a gallery expo for Degas and ballet (so famous), and I'd like to see that as well!!! It's not very often you get to see so many amazing things in one day!!! 
So there we go, I'll get an early start (but not too early, I'm not the morning type), so I'll have plenty of time to spend there (and I hope they allow pictures!!!). 

I'm going to write a little bit about it when I get back :))) 
What's every one's plans for the weekend??? :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

No halloween party this year

no pics for a jack-o-latern, no cool party at my house, no fun.
I spent Halloween at college, studying statistics and methods of research. And then a beer or two at a local pub here in Kingston, and then a weird kebab, (which gave someone a food poisoning) and then drunk-dialing my boyfriend (actually drunk-texting on skype) to tell him how much I miss him and how much I hate this distance between us and how much I love him and I can't wait to see him on the holidays.
Yep, clasic.

Anyhoo, no good story for me to tell this year, no funny videos or anything :/ It feels so disappointing... Last year was so much worse for me, but I managed to do everything. But this year I'm away from home and that's to blame. Being away from my friends and family, doesn't make me want to throw a party. Or go to one.

Friday, October 14, 2011

wake me up when it's all over

I would have said something more cliche, like when September ends (hint: Green Day song), but I have no idea when everything is going to be ok again...
I miss my country, I miss my house, cats, friends, even my parents(!!!). But most of all I miss my boyfriend...

It's hard to be all alone. It was my dream to come to England to study, and to live here. But now that dream has become a weird long nightmare, keeping me away from everything that's familiar. I know that if I think rationally, this place is so much cooler than home, this country works a lot better than mine, but still I miss it and I want to go back..... even if it's crap, close minded, deep in economical crisis, and all that, it's still home :( It's still my house, my balconies, my garden, my cats, my street, my stuff. It's everything I am...for the past 6 years that I've been living in my grandma's house downstairs from my parents. This is my view from my house, in Kingston Hill:

Friday, September 30, 2011

Losing myself??

I have recently started a new life, (nothing to do about it) and it's a scary new life that I really regret having to go through all by myself. (but there's nothing to do about that either.)
I discovered that I was slowly changing to someone else. maybe all this fear, insecurity, loneliness, etc, made me feel so weird like I had to be "normal" to survive in this new environment. The new environment being a borough of London, this seems a little strange.....


I mean, you would think that here, in London, I wouldn't feel out of place, but crazy little me, feels like a fish out of the water....

STRANGE isn't it???

I have made a few acquaintances, and maybe 1 or 2 people I can call friends, and I'm really happy about that ^_^
Now I can go out for walks and shopping and coffee and stuff like that :D

Friday, September 16, 2011

big questions in life, come in awkward moments

Has it ever happened to you, to have all this mindblowing inspiration, when you can't really do anything about it at the moment???
Unfortunatelly it happens to me all the time. I might be on the bus, or in the shower, or crossing the bridge near my hotel, or watching something on my laptop.
And at that minute I could write a million things... but there's nowhere to write them on. And when I have free time to write them here, they're all gone from my mind... I can remember half of it, but it's not worth it.... I'm so frustrated by that time, that I can't write anything.. the inspiration is gone! 

The same thing happens to me when I think about big questions, like how I want to live my life, if that's what I'll want "for ever", what is actually worth in life for me, how can I improve myself, what kind of person do I want to become, how I want to behave.. How and where will I be in the next 3 years?? and after that???
All these questions roam in my head and sometimes they are quiet, but sometimes they are so loud, deafening... 
I think that these questions are beginning to find little answers in my mind, but only time can tell if they are actually going to be true.........

How about you my readers? when do you find inspiration? and when do you lose it? and what are the big questions in your heads????

Alone time....

I've been living in a hotel for the past two weeks... It feels like forever.... But lets take things from the beginning!

I was supposed to move to Kingston Upon Thames (UK) for a master's degree, on psychology.
And so I did. I left home, to pursue my dream of becoming a psychologist, finally..
I came to Kingston with my mum, she wanted to help me with all my stuff, my luggage, etc.
So we booked a hotel for 10 days, in order to househunt for a house (to share with other students) or a room (to share with a family, something a lot of people do here). Anyway, after a lot of NO's and a lot of laughing behind our backs from estate agents, we got squat. And then something crazy happend, and I found a place! To keep the story short, we couldn't move in right away, so I had to stay more days at the hotel. Thankfully they had a single room, although they were fully booked. But I can stay here until Sunday, when I move in the new place :)
I'll have to live there for a year. My masters is a year long, but I think I'll need to stay longer, to get my license and to register with the british psyclological society. I like the house though :p

My mum flew back home yesterday, and I've been alone since that. It feels a bit awkward, but I think I'm fine. At least now I can get some quiet time!

I meet new people everyday, and I like that, but sometimes it seems I'm using all my energy just to seem nice and calm and agreable. And I don't like that. All this stress, all the presure of doing everything right, finding a place, finding roommates, etc, it has taken it's toll on me. I feel spent and lonely.
My lovely boyfriend isn't with me, he is back home in Russia, studying (to be a psychologist too, what an irony). I miss him so much, it's insane. Everything I see and feel, I'd like to share it with him. But we are so far from eachother..
These days I feel like I can't even help myself, much rather the others :/  It feels impossible to get out of  bed each morning. I hate the fact that I kinda like it here and can only feel half of it, because he isn't with me here...

(Danni and Kyrill, 3-3-2011, at a close friend's house)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Stop the earth from spinning! I want off!

Only a week left untill I leave for Kingston university.

I'm packing stuff, clothes, etc, but I don't feel ready at all.
It's been one of my biggest dreams, to be able to study abroad, and now that it's time to go, I don't want to.
It's been a tough decision all along.
I wasn't sure that I was going to go, but I sent the applications anyway and I got into 4 universities. And I chose Kingston because it's really close to London (*woot* obviously).
Now it feels like it's one of the hardest things I ever had to do.
Leaving people behind, when I'm not ready to, really sucks. I feel like the whole world is just spinning way too fast for me.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A place in the dirt

A Marilyn Manson song, and my mood tonight.

I am afraid that everything is temporary. At least all the important things, like love for example. Is love important? I think it is, since it makes me so miserable. I wish it wasn't such a big deal and we could all live much better without it. But anyway.

People and emotions in my life have proven to be temporary.
I am being loved temporarily. So I love them temporarily too.
They think about me temporarily.
They want me temporarily.
They are temporarily in love with me, or not at all.
They are sweet and they care about me temporarily.

After that, I'm invisible. Like a ghost. They can feel my presence, but they couldn't care less.
Like a habit, or a furniture- it's always there, in a corner, but who really gives a shit? Not bothering enough to throw it away. It doen't take much space anyway, so why even bother??

"Forever" does not apply to me. Is that good or bad? I used to think both, now I'm not sure. I'd sure like forever, but it's a utopia. There is no "forever" in my life, there is only "for a while". Sooner or later. That kind of thing. That makes me feel so small, so little, so insignificant, unimportant.
Every one is just talk talk talk. All talk and nothing else. They tell you what you want to hear, and then they use you. Use you untill they feel better about themselves, untill they lift their self-esteem above the ground, and when they've had enough, when they are bored of you because they've sucked you dry (and not in a sexual way), they leave you. They leave you alone. With a bunch of feelings, with no answer to all those "why's" that you're gonna ask untill you go insane from sadness.
Oh what a pretty picture!

It's not so dramatic every time, I guess you kinda get used to it a bit. So you expect it to happen, and you're prepared. As much as a person can be :/   I'm not really. I've seen the same things happen to me a few times, and now I'm expecting them to happen all over again, but I know that it'll hurt like hell again. I can't stop feeling, and that's the only way if you don't want to get hurt. But you can't really live like this either. It's not human not to feel.

Or is it?? A few years ago I've asked a question to some of my best friends, just to see what they think about this. I asked them if they would prefer to love and be loved and then have their hearts broken eventually, or to never having loved, but spend their life in short term relationships, dates and one night stands.
To my dreadfull surprise they all said they would prefer true love even if it kills them, because what is life worth if you have never loved??? Girlfriend please, I can find so many productive things to do, so life can be worth a lot, even without love!

Maybe I'm just angry at myself, for thinking too much, feeling too much, wanting too much, when people are just living the moment and nothing more.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Can you hear me internet people? It's me, Danni.

As I often do, I was checking my blog stats today. And Jesus Fucking Christ, the only traffic sourse I got was from Betty Crocker's pictures I have in some old post. Really people??? Nobody reads me but some usa housewifes looking googling betty crocker??????? REALLY????
I don't know if I'm dissapointed or angry, or what. I read other people's blogs, not many, but some. I check some goth websites, I check some youtube channels and stuff. Others are not so much more interesting than me, nor do they write wise stuff-worth reading everyday. But you read them, and you leave comments, and you show them that someone is out there somewhere, behind a screen, watching.

Maybe it's because I don't write very often. Maybe its's because my backround is black, and it's tiring for the eyes, maybe I don't know anything about selling myself and my blog and advertising, maybe I just don't have what it takes. I seriously don't know what's wrong.
You actually read what people ate for breakfast, or how they dressed their kids today, or what stupid joke their boss said at work, but no, you don't read what I write because I don't have adds on my blog, or because I don't have 2000 friends on facebook. LOL. Pathetic.

So I'll keep on writing for myself. This blog will become more personal, in a form of public diary, since there is no point in keeping things secret anymore (why keep something secret anyway if noone is here to see it?).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

White Chalk

Like I wasn't miserable enough this afternoon, I'm listening to PJHarvey's "white chalk" album on my iTunes... "dear darkness" is a song I always loved but is SO sad.. and all the other songs on this album are sad too :( I have to write an article today but I can't find the energy or the mood to do it..
I was house hunting on the internet for a flat near Kingston Univercity because I'll have to move there on September, but I couldn't find anything that fits my budget or that I don't have to share with 15 people LOL :P
I am not so interested into sharing my kitchen and my bathroom with other people :( but I can't spend more than 500 Pounds per month on rent :/
If anyone has any ideas, or knows a place, let me know!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Huh? Yep, random rant.

Well, I'm back from London since Monday. It was fun, a bit tiring but adventurous in small scale of course :p

On Wednesday we went to a gig, Agnostic Front and First Blood. It was awsome :D I really like that I get the chance to listen to different things than my everyday electro-industrial-ebm playlist :p And I really love it that my other half likes that music better and drags me to all these gigs <3 Well I can't say that I don't enjoy my ass off LOL :DD

These past weeks (during the London trip and since I got back) I've been a bit stressed because of all the decisions I have to take. I'm not really happy about them and I know why.
I'm supposed to go to college in the UK for a master's degree. I've applied to 4 universities and they have all accepted me. Now I just need to reply to them and accept one place in one college. But which one? My options are University of Glasgow, University of Essex, University of Kingston and University of Hertfordshire. I am currently between Glasgow and Kingston. Glasgow is one of the top universities for psychology majors (which is what I'm studying) in Britain, and Kingston is a very good university too, and it's so close to London :(( So I don't know what to choose :'( Glasgow is so far away (5hours train ride to London!!) but it's in Scotland, which has a nice gothic weather hahahah :P

Plus, I don't like the fact that I'm going to leave my beloved people behind for at least a year :( My master's in a conversion course that lasts 1 year and then I get my license and I can join the british psychology society which is very cool) But I'd like to continue my studies further and maybe get another master's later, for specialisation in a psychology department. That means years. Years I'll have to be 2000 miles away from everything I know and love, my house, my cats, my boyfriend (my parents I don't mind so much, I'm 23 for God's sake!!).

Anyway, besides my turmoil about universities (actually it would be helpfull if anyone had any advice for me at this point my readers) there are other things in my mind too. Like my resent discovery of Charlaine Harris's new books!!! Book 9 and 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse novels are out :D I was thrilled!!! Of course I bought them on ebay immediately :D including a short-stories book about Sookie :p here is the link to Harris's official site where you can see all new stuff :D If you read this blog, then you know I ADORE these books :)

What else was I thinking about? Ah!
Let's leave it for my next post!

Monday, June 20, 2011

huge city!

I don't know if London can even be described as a big city, not even as huge.
It is so diverse, soooo huge, with soooo many people, so many things to see and so many places to go. It can be scary. But it can also make you feel free. The last time I was here, many years ago, it made me feel awsome. Free, rejuvanated, like everything was in the reach of my arm, waiting for me to grab them. But this time it is very different. I am having fun but it feels like something is missing, and I am doing the stuff I came here to do, but it still feels like that. Although I am surrounded by friends and people I know, it feels lonely. I am not sure it's the city that is to blame, or it's just me. Maybe it's just me.

I have plans for everyday and I am not sure I'll even have time to do all that I have to :/ that makes me nervous :/
The shopping spree in Camden was delightful though :p

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

getting ready for a trip to London :D

This Friday I'm going on a trip to London with a close friend. I'm going to check out a few universities that I've applied for a master's degree (University of Kingston, Univerisity of Essex and University of Hertfordshire). So I'll be visiting them, and of course I'll go shopping ^_^ and a little bit of clubbing :))) I'm excited and I hope everything turns out ok, 'cause there are many things that can go wrong when travelling :/ so cross your fingers for us and lets hope we have fun :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

cake: awsome!!

yes, the cake ROCKED my world xD it was delicious. I love Betty Crocker, and for a very good reason! :) so the cake will keep coming and I'll try different flavours. Other news for this week: I'm excited about the annual Comicdom festival in Athens! It starts today (Friday) and it's going to last till Sunday. I had fun last year and hopefully I will have an even better time this year! I'm visiting tomorrow, and there's a Cosplay competition :)) Unfortunatelly I can't participate because I didn't apply in time. But a friend of mine is, and I'm going to help her with makeup and hair. I'm a real comic enthousiast :D I'd love to be a geek, but not enough time :( LOL

Monday, April 4, 2011

# 33 achieved!

# 33 : Learn to bake a cake!
LOL like I hadn't baked a cake before.... but what the hell, why not make one again, and eat and achieve number 33? It's in the oven right now. I hope it turns out like it's supposed to :p I didn't had any help, I wanted to do it all by myself. I think I did fine, but I'll say more when I taste it!!

It was Betty Crocker's Devil Food Cake Mix. I saw in the supermarket and thought I'd try it. With the chocolate icing filling and on top! this is it:

Friday, March 18, 2011

make up stuff and interesting people (special tribute)

Just wanted to share with you a few things :D
First, make up stuff :p
I've been very satisfied with the "Manly 120" palette, which I've bought on e-bay, for a cheap price. It's from Hong Kong if I'm not mistaking, but the quality is great, and the colours are fantastic and last for many hours without neading re-touch. I didn't get any allergic reaction and I'm glad :D I have sensitive skin and sometimes cosmetic products affect me. Anyway, I use this pallete almost daily :)

I also have the "Pro 88" palette, (it comes in 2 variations, the flash colours and the warm ones) I have the one with the flash colours of course, but here are both:

My newest acquisition is this: the "Fräulein3* 8 28 blush" pallete! I'm so ecxited to try these colours :D I'm just bought it yesterday on e-bay, and I'm waiting for it to be delivered in the mail. :)))
Now the other thing I wanted to share with you:
Have you noticed how there are so many interesting people on YouTube, with interesting videos, just waiting to be discovered by you???? :) Or even fellow bloggers, with very cute/interesting blogs :)
So I wanted to mention a few of the people I've discoved by chance (or not) or by viewing their tutorials, reading their blogs, etc. Maybe you can check them out for yourselves, or discover other people as well!!
I'll try to make their names links so that it'll be easier for you to find out why they are so special!
Adora Brat Bat (the house of Foamy the squirrel, a web cartoon which I LOVE)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

#56 and #63 achieved!!!

#56: Know who your friends are. Yeah, like I needed a silly test to help me find out my true friends :p I'm 23 years old, not 3!! LOL xD but the questions were hillarious! for example: "has your friend ever stolen your boy/girlfriend"? or "has your friend ever hit you?" LOL!!! why would I ever think that they are my frieds, if they've hit me, or stolen my boyfriend??? It was fun none the less :DD

#63: List the things your parents say they'll tell you the answer to when you're older. Well, the only question that my dad hasn't answered is why people get divorsed and why did he divorsed mom. I was 6 when I asked him, and yeah, maybe I was too young to understand. I eventually did understand of course.
So that's it for today's achievements :D

Sunday, February 27, 2011

#60 achieved!!

#60: Learn to live without something you love for a week. Achieved!!!

I could choose between tv, mobile phone, video games, junk food, internet, and whatever I liked. So I choose DIET COKE, because I have an addiction to it, so I thought it would be a real challenge there!! And it was actually.. Thankfully I didn't have a lot of craving for it, just a few times but I got over it quickly. The fact that no one else around me drank Coke, helped a lot! :) It lasted from 19th of February, till today ( I still haven't drank any)
So anyway, I completed number 60 in the book, let's see what else I can do :P

Friday, February 4, 2011

Dazed and confused

not like the Led Zeppelin song, but as an experssion. These past days I've been lingering among feelings, memories, hopes, dreams, thoughts, fears, reality. Yeah, all the cool stuff that make you feel like shit. Why is it that everytime I think I've found something great, it turns out this "great" thing isn't gonna last, and it's gonna leave me just as fast as it found me. Well, crap. There is no point in thinking like that since nothing really lasts, not even life itself. OMG this is turning to a corny sob-like post, so I'd better stop, 'cause then I'll be supporting the "goths are gloomy and depressed" stereotype!! that's not true, I'm just in a bad place tonight..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sick again

I've been sick with a mild flu the past week, and I thought I wasn't going to be very sick. Indeed I wasn't, no fever, no haedache, nothing, just a runny nose and some cough. I took some pills for the runny nose and I was ok for days, but today (almost a week later) it started all over again :/ I hate runny nose. I seldom get sick, even when everyone around me is sick with the flu or whatever, I never get sick. So I hate it when it happens.... :@ At least I can still breathe from both nostrils, and my taste isn't gone :p So I'll keep taking the pills and hopefully in a couple of days I'll be better! Maybe the fact that the weather changed so suddenly to extra cold, didn't help at all :p And on Saturday night it was raining and the wind was crazy, so I got a little wet and cold. I've been feeling cold since then :/ It doesn't matter how many clothes I wear, I still feel very cold, and when I'm in the house, I rap myself with fleece blankets from Ikea :p
Anyway, these past days I haven't done many things worth mentioning, except going to a gig and having fun and going to a museum to see a prohistorical exposition which has exceptional :D

Will write more soon :)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New year and all...

Happy new year everyone! :D

I've had a good time during the holidays, which is unusual for me, since I hate holidays.. But this year it was ok. I've had a good birthday, (my bday is december the 30th), we went to Friday's with some friends and we had a great time, and then we went to a bar.

That's what I drank all by myself! A beer, a shot of Ursus vodka, and two submarines (with beer and whisky). I had a great time!!! xD

Today I've done some online shopping! For quite some time now I was looking for hair accessories that were gothic, but not kitch.. As I was browsing through FantasmAgoria 's online shop, I found a bunch of stuff that I liked!
I ordered these hair clips amongst other things:
I think they look goth and cute, but not "too much". There was a big selection, but I don't like bows or polka dots on my head :p so I was going for something more "serious and mean" :P
I also bought some Direction's hair dye for my hair, from ebay, because it's so expensive to keep buying Stargazer from my local store :@ and plus, the direction's tube contains more product than the stargazer's tube! It's cheaper for me to buy 2 tubes AND pay the shipping cost, that buy 1 tube in the local store!!!! Can you believe it?!?! that makes me furious!!! Anyway, I bought Flamingo Pink and I hope it turns out as bright and strong as the shoking pink+baby pink I used to use. You'll have to wait and see :p