Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.... or not?

Yesterday was christmas eve, and of course there was the traditional dinner with the family... Am I the only one who hates these dinners??? I woke up in the afternoon in the worst possible mood ever.. Then the phone rang and it was my dad who wanted me to go immediately there (he had a very strict voice..) so I thought I was going to get an earfull :p And indeed, I got it. They were dissapointed because I didn't help at all with the christmas dinner and blah blah blah... Yeah right, like I had nothing better to do with my life than help my mom cook.. jesus christ I'm almost 23 years old, haven't they noticed already that maybe I'm not interested and I never was?!?! LOL
Anyway, we had a little argument and everyone was pissed off at each other. So I left, to take a shower, choose the outfit and do hair and make up. (I had plans for later that night of course..)
It was a pleasant surprise that when I actually went to dinner, everybody was cheerfull and merry, (like the argument never happened) and we ended having a great time for a change. I drank too much champagne and ate my mom's pork which was delicious... It wasn't a bad dinner afterall :p

I actually hate christmas time. I like the decorating and everything, but I hate the fact that it's such a "family" holiday!! Like people don't care about their families the rest of the year and they remember them or visit them only on the holidays.. It feels like society obliges you to be nice and loving, just because it's christmas.. What the hell???? Nobody's gonna care if you're a serial killer the rest of the year as long as you're spending money on gifts and you're loving and merry?? ROFL that's how the message gets across to me anyway! Plus, why can't we spend time with our friends and go out clubbing and stuff? That is highly frowned upon. "You should be with your family these days" is what I hear all the time...Why the fuck would I want that?? So I can listen to them nagging about my hair, my piercings, my clothes, my friends, the places I hang out, the fact I haven't graduated from college yet, and a bunch of other stuff they don't like about my lifestyle...? I get that crap everyday, why should I get it on the holidays too??? LOL it doesn't make sense :p People with parent issues will understand what I mean :p

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