Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween is my favorite time of the year :D

Indeed! I may not live in the USA, where it's most popular to celebrate halloween, but my best friend (Teddi I hope you're reading this) is half greek half american, and when we were little, her mom used to throw the best parties :DD So I'm kinda keeping the tradition..
I'm going to throw a halloween party only for a few close friends tommorow night, and I hope it turns out ok. I'm going to make a jack o'lantern ofcourse, just like I did last year, but this year's pumpkin was a lot smaller :((( So I don't know how it'll turn out :/

I think I have a picture from last year's jack:
maybe this year it'll turn out as good :p we'll see! I'll upload a pic when I'm done :D
The only thing I'm sad about, is that I have to do all this by myself... I'd sure like some company around, not because they are hard to make, but because I'd like to talk and listen to music and have a fun time while making all this... oh,well...

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