Thursday, August 12, 2010

project: making my own Dreads :D

Dreads are so much harder to make, than I thought.. So this project isn't going as planned. I wanted to have finished them by now, but I'm only in the beginning! Well, it's not like I work at them every day... :p When I finished one pack of 613platinum blond, I realized I didn't had to make them so long... So I had just ruined one pack of kanekalon.. great. I managed to save a dread or two, which means that I was able to make one long one into two shorter ones. Maybe I can do that to some more of the long ones. We'll see. So now I'm making them a lot shorter that what I originally started off.

Personally I prefer them long. BUT it takes so much time to make them, and many many many packs of synthetic hair. And because I have to buy that online, it costs!!! (actually it's the shippment that costs). So I can't keep buying one pack after another and still have nothing :/
So originally I wanted a nice lenght, like this:

But now, since I saw that I have to buy SO many packs of synthetic hair, and I can't afford that, I thought of something like this:

( I do not own these images, they are downloaded from the internet)

The colours I've chosen are 613platinum blonde (as the base colour), lilac and baby blue (which looks more like aqua-skyblue). I think they are going to be great even if they're shorter than what I wanted.

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