Saturday, July 24, 2010

dreadlocks and sadness

My kanekalon hair finally arrived in the mail today, I ordered from Doctoredlocks some platinum blond, lilac and baby blue. They are awsome, but I'm afraid they are few :/ I need to buy moooore!! I'm making long dreads, so I'm using the whole long thing :p So just 1 pack of each colour isn't enough.. I'm gonna have a problem with that :/ But that's not my only problem. Just as I thought things were looking brighter in my life and I was getting my creativity and my appetite back, I saw that it's pointless. I'm not going to say why I thought that, because I think it's obvious (heartbreak much??) and I don't post personal data online. So let's just say that maybe nothing can be the same and I don't know why. It's all in vain, even my good mood. Since it doesn't really matter what I feel, then it's reallt pointless to try and feel better..
Isn't it ironic, how we have to survive each day, as humans, fighting against society, against injustice, against the economy crisis, that we have to try to survive from ourselves and from other people who hurt us?? Aren't friends and lovers supposed to complete us and make our lives happier? Well, maybe that's not the case in my life as it seems so often...
This morning I had so many ideas about what to write here, but tonight I feel exausted. Waiting over a phone that NEVER rings........

Anyway, gothic tip of the day: the band "The Birthday Massacre". I really like them, I discovered them a few years ago, and I'm a big fan since then! They have a pretty cool sound :)
Nothing else comes to mind now, so maybe later. (if anyone is reading anyway..)

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