Thursday, June 3, 2010


I stayed up all night watching NCIS, studying, drinking diet coke and surfing on the net and I got so inspired :D
I've watched a few videos by my favourite people on YouTube, and I've decided to make my own dreads instead of buying online, since they are so easy to make at home, and they are sooooo ridiculously expensive on the web! I think that I'll use mostly white, baby pink and lilac or violet! I have many ideas XD but..I'll have to wait untill the exam period at college is over, because I can't spend time and effort on to other things beside studying... I have to pass 9 classes to get my degree (finally) and they are very hard because they are the last ones... :@ Damn it.. and there are so many things I'd rather do than study :p LOL isn't that always the case??
Anyway, as I often write here, gothic song of the day: Cities in Dust, by "the newlydeads". it's a siouxie and the banshees cover, and it's GREAT!! I really like The Newlydeads, you should check them out for yourself!
Hmm... what else? oh, yes!!! I'm going to start writing labels for my posts, the cute little things that go underneath the posts, because I think it will be better than to just write stuff here as tips of the day(or the week).
Some feedback from you people would be awsome too. ( I don't even know if anyone is reading me at all...)

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