Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hard days and Charlaine's novels

Listening to "My Vampire Heart" by Tom McRae. Quite a sad song..
I'm reading Charlaine Harris's last book, on the southern vampire series, or else, the Sookie series :) I've postponed reading it, because it's the last one, and I adore all the books on those series. I've read them all, litteraly sucking every word, and it depresses me that after 100 pages, it's all over :'( I don't want the series to end....but it's not up to me. I'm sad. Sookie and her adventurus life have been a part of my life since I read the first book, when I was still a teenager, in high school. Sookie's romances and adventures, have added salt in my life, if I may say so. Sure, I love vampires, but those books were so much beyond that! It was as though I was living through her. She, in a small town in Louisiana, me, in a big city on the edge of Europe. She is a telepath, I'm "normal" LOL. Nothing in common. Superficially. But I can relate to her so much, it's scary. I may not have vampires, weres, shifters going around in my life, but I can relate to her feelings, her thoughts, to the lonelyness she feels deep inside. Even when you are surrounded by people, you still feel so alone, it's terrifying...
Anyway... the tv series ("tru blood") weren't as half as good as the books. I wouldn't trade these books for the world. I think they're the best thing that has happend to me :) more dark thoughts later, I'm going to eat and watch some tv. Maybe my mind will get busy and stop swirling. And sorry for the many typos. It's not my day.

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