Friday, May 21, 2010

big decisions?

Jesus freaking Christ, I just read a little bit of the previous post... wtf was I thinking posting that dramatic s**t?? LOL

Anyway, things have been busy these days, (as always) but the good news is that I've decided what MSc I'll do when I finally get my degree. I have to do a conversion course, to turn my degree to fully psychology (and to get a licence) so I'll do a master's on psychological studies, and hopefully I'll be accredited for a licence from the British Psychological Society. I'll apply to a few colleges in the UK and Scotland, and hopefully I'll go to Glascow :D

These past weeks, I've been watching a tv series that I downloaded, called Sons of Anarchy, it's a pretty good american tv series, about bikers and stuff. Very handsome leading actor (kinda looks like C.Cobain) that's good enough to watch the 2 seasons, believe me!!! xD

I have to start studying for the college exams in June, but I'm booooooooored out of my freaking mind damn it....

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