Saturday, May 29, 2010

#71: do something nice without being asked

I just remembered that I had done something nice without being asked, a couple of months back. A friend of mine had a skin problem, and I gave him a half-full tube of skin cream that I had in my cabinet, and that was exactly what he needed :) So that was a nice thing I did without being asked to :) In the book, there are levels, grading your good deeds. Level 1: you've made a nice gesture, Level 2: you went out of your way, you've earned your wings, Level 3: true self-sacrifice, you saint. There are also levels for the bad acts you do!!! Level -1: you're lazy, Level -2: you're plain mean, Level -3: you little devil! LOL now that's something you don't see everyday!! I do good deeds often, but I don't notice, so it's hard to keep track, like the book says.. So anyway...
I have many plans for a lot of new things to do in the near future :)) So I'll bew completing more achievements :D byebye for now!

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