Sunday, April 25, 2010

Such a busy weekend!

Yesterday was the 69EYES gig, and it was cool ^_^ and then the afterparty at DADA bar, (which was crammed of course) and we had a good time ;) That's me in the Misfits t-shirt with the skeleton hands grabbing my tits, and beside me it's one of my best friends, Eftixia.
When I got bored at the afterparty, I went to a techno party which lasted till morning! You can do so many things in one night!!! and have so much fun :)) if only my mood hadn't gone to shit when some idiots yelled sexist stuff at us when we walked from the subway station to DADA :/ but you can't have everything go well everytime, right?? :/
Anyway, I'm off the shave my legs and get dressed to go out :) byebye :)

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