Sunday, April 11, 2010

new achievements!!! #73, #82, #98 (completed)

Hello people :) it's been a while since I posted something new..I didn't had time because Easter vacasion has been a busy period. I do have some new achievements though, I completed #82: learn to skim stones, AND #98: drive something, AND #73: have a sleepover. The best things is that I hadn't actually planned to achieve them, but I grabed the opportunity to do so when it rose :)
I took a little trip in Markopoulo, (a suburb of Athens) with my bf, and we took a walk in the beach (it was so nice to see and smell the sea again, even in early spring) and I learned how to skim stones (#82) there. It was windy though, so there were a lot of waves, and that's not good for skimming stones :/ but we did it anyway, I only managed to hit the water 2 times before the stone sunk, but that's amazing, because I was never able to do it before :D I was so excited!!!
My bf came to pick me up from the train station, by car, and that's what I had a chance to drive. It was a Wolkswagen Polo -an old model. Very convenient for me, since I'm petite :p It was SO much fun to actually drive! I found it a bit hard too. I drove on a dead-end road kinda abandoned, (we don't want to kill anyone, or get caught :p ) and it was really amazing xD I had the time of my life, I was so scared, but I enjoyed every second of it :)))
So, 3 more things to do are completed and crossed out of my list. If I get a chance to drive anything else (like a motorcycle, or a quad bike) I'll make sure that I mention it here. The book is kinda strange because it says I can drive 3 different engine-powered vehicles but WTF???? I can't drive all these things, dude get real!!! jesus!! So I stuck my achievement star on that page and we move on :D (sticking the achievement sticker is actually ever more fun for me that achieving the task itself!!!)
#73 (the sleepover) of course has been done a million times (I'm 22 years old for God's sake) but I wanted to declare it achieved only when I could document all the facts on the silly book page. Information like what did we did, when we fell asleep, if we got told off (ROFL), are supposed to be filled in the book, so I wanted to remember everthing and that's why I waited- to have another sleepover and fill in the details :p On the 30th of March, I invited one of my best friends to sleepover. I didn't want to spend that night alone cause I was feeling miserable, and misery loves company ;) So that's about it, (I won't give any more personal details here) we had fun and I got to stick another star-shapped sticker on my book ^_^ LOL

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with more interesting things :D

P.S. Almost forgot the goth-tip of the day :p favorite song for this week: "Starfighter" by Welle:Erdball.

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