Monday, April 19, 2010


It's been more than a week since I posted something, and I hate it when I don't have time to write new stuff here :/
These past few days I've been keeping myself busy with all kinds of things.. On Saturday noon I went to a comic festival ("comicon") here in Athens, and I had a lot of fun! I found out that it's the 5th year that's been done, and I thought it was the first!! LOL was I living under a rock?? wtf... On Saturday night I went to a punk live, it was nice, and I drank beers :p I craved for alcohol, because I was on medication often the last months, as I was constantly sic, and so I couldn't drink anything. Now I feel an urge to drink a whole bar!!! On Sunday I went to a gothic/alternative lifestyle exposition with two friends, and we had fun :)) We bought hand-made gothic jewelry!! I bought a ring with an ankh, a pair of skull earrings (long), and a lace choker :)) The prices were very low and the quality was exceptional for hand-made!!! The girls that make them are very nice :) I was tired though, so we left at 22:30 to go home and sleep.. I went home and ordered pizza and watched two silly movies, Robots (2005) and The Incredibles (2004) 'cause I'm trying to complete #48 watch these films. The films listed are SO many, I don't think I'll watch them all.. Some of them are really childish anyway... :/
These days I have so many things to do, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and lost. I don't like this feeling, it makes me numb and unable to get out of bed every morning. All I feel like doing is sleeping until I die... (I know that I've said "no personal stuff on the internet" -at least not too personal- but when I write private thoughts and stuff, even if no one is answering to the things I write, this one-way communication makes me feel better... ) Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading at all.... I know a couple of friends read it rarely, but other than that??? Is there anyone out there?? :/

Whatever... Gothic Song of the day (or week) is "Lovely Day" by Ayria. I like most songs from Ayria, but this one is 100% how I feel today (and yesterday and tomorrow probably..)

Here are some lyrics from "lovely day" that I like most:
"I will wait for you to find me, but I know you never will.
I will seek to you to save me, but I know you never will.
I will try to regain passion, but I'm faltering.
I will try to overcome this, but I'm overwhelmed again."

And the ironic moral lesson of the day is that no one will be there to save you, but yourself. How sad for those who really believe in love and other emotions... :(

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