Friday, April 23, 2010

Gigs and shopping :D

Yesterday I went to Diary of Dreams concert :) It was awsome of course, as always ^_^ They've come in Greece in 2008 and it was a great gig then too :)) They are always magnificent :D Diary of Dreams is one of my favourite bands and I was very glad to see them again.
Today I had many things to do in the morning, and they all had to do with bureaucracy, (greek bureaucracy is the worst in the world....) but when I finished, I went shopping ^_^ I bought some t-shirts, black, white, purple, a blue skinny jean, a black mini skirt and a skirt (with the Misfits skulls) and I had a great time all by myself :D
For lunch I ate a caesar's salad, and a large diet coke (diet coke is my passion <3 )
It was a very lucky day today for me, let's see how it develops...:p

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