Monday, April 26, 2010

Haven't accompliced anything lately

Kung Fu practise today went smoothly :) No sore muscles anymore and I'm doing so much better. Tomorrow I have things to do, but there's a 24hour strike on all public means of transportation so I can't do anything since I don't drive... I have my german class at 11 in the morning and then maybe my bf will pick me up and we'll go to the beach for a walk :) we'll see. I'm going to wash my hair now and then go to bed, I'm dead tired.

P.S. Song of the day: "My vampire heart" by Tom McRae.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Such a busy weekend!

Yesterday was the 69EYES gig, and it was cool ^_^ and then the afterparty at DADA bar, (which was crammed of course) and we had a good time ;) That's me in the Misfits t-shirt with the skeleton hands grabbing my tits, and beside me it's one of my best friends, Eftixia.
When I got bored at the afterparty, I went to a techno party which lasted till morning! You can do so many things in one night!!! and have so much fun :)) if only my mood hadn't gone to shit when some idiots yelled sexist stuff at us when we walked from the subway station to DADA :/ but you can't have everything go well everytime, right?? :/
Anyway, I'm off the shave my legs and get dressed to go out :) byebye :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gigs and shopping :D

Yesterday I went to Diary of Dreams concert :) It was awsome of course, as always ^_^ They've come in Greece in 2008 and it was a great gig then too :)) They are always magnificent :D Diary of Dreams is one of my favourite bands and I was very glad to see them again.
Today I had many things to do in the morning, and they all had to do with bureaucracy, (greek bureaucracy is the worst in the world....) but when I finished, I went shopping ^_^ I bought some t-shirts, black, white, purple, a blue skinny jean, a black mini skirt and a skirt (with the Misfits skulls) and I had a great time all by myself :D
For lunch I ate a caesar's salad, and a large diet coke (diet coke is my passion <3 )
It was a very lucky day today for me, let's see how it develops...:p

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kung Fu!

It was a bad day yesterday, but today is better, but I'm very sore from Kung Fu practise yesterday afternoon.. It was great though :D martial arts are something I love. I've done Tae-Kwon-Do when I was younger, but I've stopped for many years and now I got the opportunity to do Kung Fu :D It's a great way to get a strong body,muscles, and lose some weight. But most of all, know how to defend yourself! I hope my sore muscles will hurt less in tomorrow's practise :P

Monday, April 19, 2010


It's been more than a week since I posted something, and I hate it when I don't have time to write new stuff here :/
These past few days I've been keeping myself busy with all kinds of things.. On Saturday noon I went to a comic festival ("comicon") here in Athens, and I had a lot of fun! I found out that it's the 5th year that's been done, and I thought it was the first!! LOL was I living under a rock?? wtf... On Saturday night I went to a punk live, it was nice, and I drank beers :p I craved for alcohol, because I was on medication often the last months, as I was constantly sic, and so I couldn't drink anything. Now I feel an urge to drink a whole bar!!! On Sunday I went to a gothic/alternative lifestyle exposition with two friends, and we had fun :)) We bought hand-made gothic jewelry!! I bought a ring with an ankh, a pair of skull earrings (long), and a lace choker :)) The prices were very low and the quality was exceptional for hand-made!!! The girls that make them are very nice :) I was tired though, so we left at 22:30 to go home and sleep.. I went home and ordered pizza and watched two silly movies, Robots (2005) and The Incredibles (2004) 'cause I'm trying to complete #48 watch these films. The films listed are SO many, I don't think I'll watch them all.. Some of them are really childish anyway... :/
These days I have so many things to do, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and lost. I don't like this feeling, it makes me numb and unable to get out of bed every morning. All I feel like doing is sleeping until I die... (I know that I've said "no personal stuff on the internet" -at least not too personal- but when I write private thoughts and stuff, even if no one is answering to the things I write, this one-way communication makes me feel better... ) Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading at all.... I know a couple of friends read it rarely, but other than that??? Is there anyone out there?? :/

Whatever... Gothic Song of the day (or week) is "Lovely Day" by Ayria. I like most songs from Ayria, but this one is 100% how I feel today (and yesterday and tomorrow probably..)

Here are some lyrics from "lovely day" that I like most:
"I will wait for you to find me, but I know you never will.
I will seek to you to save me, but I know you never will.
I will try to regain passion, but I'm faltering.
I will try to overcome this, but I'm overwhelmed again."

And the ironic moral lesson of the day is that no one will be there to save you, but yourself. How sad for those who really believe in love and other emotions... :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

new achievements!!! #73, #82, #98 (completed)

Hello people :) it's been a while since I posted something new..I didn't had time because Easter vacasion has been a busy period. I do have some new achievements though, I completed #82: learn to skim stones, AND #98: drive something, AND #73: have a sleepover. The best things is that I hadn't actually planned to achieve them, but I grabed the opportunity to do so when it rose :)
I took a little trip in Markopoulo, (a suburb of Athens) with my bf, and we took a walk in the beach (it was so nice to see and smell the sea again, even in early spring) and I learned how to skim stones (#82) there. It was windy though, so there were a lot of waves, and that's not good for skimming stones :/ but we did it anyway, I only managed to hit the water 2 times before the stone sunk, but that's amazing, because I was never able to do it before :D I was so excited!!!
My bf came to pick me up from the train station, by car, and that's what I had a chance to drive. It was a Wolkswagen Polo -an old model. Very convenient for me, since I'm petite :p It was SO much fun to actually drive! I found it a bit hard too. I drove on a dead-end road kinda abandoned, (we don't want to kill anyone, or get caught :p ) and it was really amazing xD I had the time of my life, I was so scared, but I enjoyed every second of it :)))
So, 3 more things to do are completed and crossed out of my list. If I get a chance to drive anything else (like a motorcycle, or a quad bike) I'll make sure that I mention it here. The book is kinda strange because it says I can drive 3 different engine-powered vehicles but WTF???? I can't drive all these things, dude get real!!! jesus!! So I stuck my achievement star on that page and we move on :D (sticking the achievement sticker is actually ever more fun for me that achieving the task itself!!!)
#73 (the sleepover) of course has been done a million times (I'm 22 years old for God's sake) but I wanted to declare it achieved only when I could document all the facts on the silly book page. Information like what did we did, when we fell asleep, if we got told off (ROFL), are supposed to be filled in the book, so I wanted to remember everthing and that's why I waited- to have another sleepover and fill in the details :p On the 30th of March, I invited one of my best friends to sleepover. I didn't want to spend that night alone cause I was feeling miserable, and misery loves company ;) So that's about it, (I won't give any more personal details here) we had fun and I got to stick another star-shapped sticker on my book ^_^ LOL

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with more interesting things :D

P.S. Almost forgot the goth-tip of the day :p favorite song for this week: "Starfighter" by Welle:Erdball.

Friday, April 2, 2010

#42: april fool someone (completed)

It wasn't a very clever practical joke, these days weren't my best...:/ But I managed to think something ;) The (immature) joke, was that I told my parents I got engaged with my boyfriend (LOL). Sure, it's lame, I know. But I had to achieve number 42: april fool someone and today it was the 1st of April=April Fools Day :D I couldn't wait till next year!!! :S