Friday, March 26, 2010

thinking about recipes!

It's Friday today and my tooth still hurts.... I'm being slowly tortured...I can't eat since yesterday because my gums around it are swollen to the point where I can't close my mouth, so trying to chew is a total waste of time... So I can only dream about food xD I went to the supermarket in the afternoon, after going to the dentist. Another total waste of time. Anyway, I bought stuff for the house a few stuff for the fridge (since I can't eat, why the hell would I buy food????) and I kept dreaming about all the recipes I'm going to cook when my tooth gets better :D

I thought about making cake and cookies, I LOVE BETTY CROCKER so, I often buy her products, which are delicious and easy to make. Her cake mix, her cookie mix and mostly, her pancake mix, are the best I have ever eaten :) You can try to make them, they have easy instructions and you can have fun in the process! You may use low fat products, which don't affect the taste :D

Hmmm.... what else? Oh, yes! Like I said before, pancakes!! (that mix can be used for many purposes and it's delicious) Do try them at home, with Maple syrup, or any syrup you like! You can add fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, jam, peanut butter.....and so much more! Your options are limitless!!!
Thinking about sweet stuff, now I'm also fantasizing about warm brownies with ice cream... What a torture-to think about food and not being able to chew anything :@
I also want to eat my famous corn with eggs and bacon!!! I like that recipe so much xD I made it myself, and I try to make it often, but I can't eat eggs very often, because of the cholesterol.. Yesterday I was thinking about fajitas... and rice with chilly con carne.... and chinese food...and.... well, maybe I should stop now, because the floor is wet from my saliva.....
Have fun and bon app├ętit!!!
(Next time we'll think about clothes and stuff :p)

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Theodora said...

betty crocker e? malista...happy baking!!!

egw thn exw kopsei pro pollou pairnw ta cupcakes etoima ;PPP alla afou exeis thn upomonh bravo mikro pomme ^_^