Wednesday, March 24, 2010

serious tooth problem gets me in a bad mood

This week I can't even get out of bed, let alone accomplice anything more than drag my ass to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to pop some pills. Damn over-the-counter painkillers are worthless :@ my tooth hurts so bad I can't go to sleep, and when I finally sleep, I wake every 3 hours to pop some more pills because the pain has started drilling my brain again..
Such agony comes from a "wisdom tooth"... that particular tooth begun coming out 3 years ago. For some unknown reason, it stoped after a while, and I had to have my gums sliced around it so I don't bite them... And suddenly, on Friday morning, it decided that it wanted to get the rest of it's ass out. LOL.
How could I be so lucky? It wasn't coming out. It was creating an abscess!! And of course it's underneath, so my dentist couln't see it. Since I wasn't improving and was only getting worse, he precribed antibiotics (2000mg of "Augmentin" per day!). But I NEED PAINKILLERS!!!! Some that accually help!! The ones I'm already taking are "depon", "nurofen", "Xefo", "niflamol", most of them are not only painkillers, but inflammatory too. The pain only stops for a couple of hours and then it's driving me nuts again.. I'm using big amounts of them every day and I still can't handle the pain :(
Anyway, besides my crappy mood, and my snapping at everyone within a 5 metre range, I'm trying to get a grip. That's why I'm writting here, to forget the pain that makes my ear feel like someone is using an ice-pick to poke my brain :@

Things that I've done these days (while in pain) to make myself feel a little better: listening to Alien Vampires, watching Southpark episodes on, surfing the net for gothic clothes and watching youtube tutorials on make up. That is something I do regularly, even if I'm not in pain :p Cooking hasn't been on my priorities, 'cause all the toothache and the painkiller OD have made my appetite go byebye. That's not so bad though, maybe I'll lose a pound or two-that's always gooooood ^_^
Hmm... what else? Oh, yeah, I've watched a few movies -so much time to kill at home, when you feel so crappy to go out and play with the rest of the kids :p "Inglourious basterds", "gamer", "lock,stock and two smocking barrels", and lots of southpark. Also, old disney cartoons with donald duck and mickey mouse. I prefer the old ones better (mickey-1929, donald-1941) they are so much fun! And you can really appreciate the quality :)
Anyway, it's time to go take a bath and then straighten my hair (as always) and then do my nails and go to sleep.

I'll be back with more interesting things than a toochache :D (and stronger painkillers I hope!)

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Theodora said...

- proteinw ponstan giati sthn ellada den exoun vicodin mouxaxaxaxaxaxaxaxa ;PPPP

esi blepeis ta tutorials gia to makigiaz ki egw gia ta nuxia...kala pame- power!!! writing in greek for all y'all international readers out there ^_^