Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas.... or not?

Yesterday was christmas eve, and of course there was the traditional dinner with the family... Am I the only one who hates these dinners??? I woke up in the afternoon in the worst possible mood ever.. Then the phone rang and it was my dad who wanted me to go immediately there (he had a very strict voice..) so I thought I was going to get an earfull :p And indeed, I got it. They were dissapointed because I didn't help at all with the christmas dinner and blah blah blah... Yeah right, like I had nothing better to do with my life than help my mom cook.. jesus christ I'm almost 23 years old, haven't they noticed already that maybe I'm not interested and I never was?!?! LOL
Anyway, we had a little argument and everyone was pissed off at each other. So I left, to take a shower, choose the outfit and do hair and make up. (I had plans for later that night of course..)
It was a pleasant surprise that when I actually went to dinner, everybody was cheerfull and merry, (like the argument never happened) and we ended having a great time for a change. I drank too much champagne and ate my mom's pork which was delicious... It wasn't a bad dinner afterall :p

I actually hate christmas time. I like the decorating and everything, but I hate the fact that it's such a "family" holiday!! Like people don't care about their families the rest of the year and they remember them or visit them only on the holidays.. It feels like society obliges you to be nice and loving, just because it's christmas.. What the hell???? Nobody's gonna care if you're a serial killer the rest of the year as long as you're spending money on gifts and you're loving and merry?? ROFL that's how the message gets across to me anyway! Plus, why can't we spend time with our friends and go out clubbing and stuff? That is highly frowned upon. "You should be with your family these days" is what I hear all the time...Why the fuck would I want that?? So I can listen to them nagging about my hair, my piercings, my clothes, my friends, the places I hang out, the fact I haven't graduated from college yet, and a bunch of other stuff they don't like about my lifestyle...? I get that crap everyday, why should I get it on the holidays too??? LOL it doesn't make sense :p People with parent issues will understand what I mean :p

Saturday, November 27, 2010

November is almost over

...and that makes me sad. I like fall and winter, but in my country, we have very hot weather, so fall and winter don't last long. Especially this year, fall came and left and instead of leading up to winter, it's leading us to spring!! The temperature is 23C today :p it's unbelievable! But it's not all bad, the sun is shining beautifully and there is a cold breeze that makes the trees around my house move :) So anyway, all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that winter is on it's way and it just got delayed :p

On a different subject now, I dyed my hair pink, with 2 strands of purple on my sideburns. I like it very much and I feel like my old self again :) Cool :p
I used Stargazer's "Baby Pink" and "Shocking Pink" mixed for a lighter but brighter effect. And for the purple I used Stargazer's "Purple" and "Plume". But that came out a little lighter than what I wanted, so next week I'll redo them and I'll use only "Plume". Here is the color catalog you can peek at :)

Tonight we're going out for a friend's birthday, but I don't know yet where we are going :p She said we'll decide at last minute. I love surprises :) (but I want to be dressed accordingly) LOL

I downloaded the last Paramore album, and although I don't listen to that kind of music, because it feels too "light", I may say that I liked it! It's a nice background music that uplifts you, it's so energetic!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

cold and sweet November nights

So this year's halloween party rocked :D and here's a picture from my jack'o'latern, which looked meaner than the one I made last year! xD
It was a great party, we made coctails and ate huge pizzas and marshmallows and sweets :p I dressed up as a zombie bride, one of my gfs was a zombie school girl, and my bf was an apocalypse warrior. Here is a video on YouTube from the preparations for our costumes :p

I had so many things in my mind to write here today, but now I don't remember anything xD
What I definitely wanted to say was that we watched a lot of movies since Friday, and that's one of my favourite things to do when I'm home :D We watched "Aeon Flux", (I loved the animated series, I think they're from the 90's) , and "Repo Men" (the one starring Jude Law). Have you watched "Repo:the genetic opera" ? Such a cult gothic musical <3 I just love it... but "Repo Men" isn't a cheap remake! It's a whole different story. But maybe I'll dedicate a post to that later :D
Also, "Salt" was a good spy story, I like Angelina Jolie very much, but that's beside the point. Another movie I saw this week was "Robin Hood" (starring Russell Crowe) and it was good :D I liked the realistic details.

Anyway, I don't have enough time now to write more, but I will soon :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween is my favorite time of the year :D

Indeed! I may not live in the USA, where it's most popular to celebrate halloween, but my best friend (Teddi I hope you're reading this) is half greek half american, and when we were little, her mom used to throw the best parties :DD So I'm kinda keeping the tradition..
I'm going to throw a halloween party only for a few close friends tommorow night, and I hope it turns out ok. I'm going to make a jack o'lantern ofcourse, just like I did last year, but this year's pumpkin was a lot smaller :((( So I don't know how it'll turn out :/

I think I have a picture from last year's jack:
maybe this year it'll turn out as good :p we'll see! I'll upload a pic when I'm done :D
The only thing I'm sad about, is that I have to do all this by myself... I'd sure like some company around, not because they are hard to make, but because I'd like to talk and listen to music and have a fun time while making all this... oh,well...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

tv series and pizza

Came home from Kung Fu class at 22:30, ate almost a whole pizza by myself while watching Sons of Anarchy (season 3, episode 5) and NCIS (season8, episode 2 but I didn't finish it), took a warm shower and I'm on my way to bed. I feel so tired... and tomorrow I have to wake up at 11. I didn't go to that comic expo that I wanted, maybe I'll find some time tomorrow or Friday, but I did a lot of shopping :D and I love that :))) nighty night!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh crap :p

It's been AGES since I wrote something here.... (and when I started blogging I wanted to write every week LOL!!!) Maybe I should try writting even if I don't have anything interesting to talk about...?

Anyway, today I woke up late. I was playing Sims3 until 5:30 am, and I couldn't get out of bed this morning, I was so sore :( Last night I took a walk in the park with a friend, and we hang out by the playground and talked for a long time, and I didn't realise how cold it was until all my muscles hurt.. I was a bit sore from Kung Fu practice on Monday and that cold walk made it worse... Hopefully on today's practice it'll go away :p In a bit I'll put my make up on and I'll go to a comics exposition about racism, and then maybe I'll check some stores and maybe do a little bit of shopping :D and then Kung Fu at 7:30.. (In case anyone's wondering, we're doing the traditional shaolin eagle claw technique.) it's fun and useful ;) but very tiring..:( somedays it exausts me!

Now about previous projects and stuff, my dreads aren't over yet, I've finished some of the blond ones, and they looked ok. I braid them in my hair one night we were going to go to a play, and I liked it :D but what I don't like is that I can't wash my hair with the dreads in :( I hate the fact I have to take them out again, because I want to wash my hair, which smell if I don't wash often, as every human head :P So, I don't know what to do with that, since I wanted braided dreads from day-one of my project. What a dissappontment... We'll see (to be continued..)

Last month I bought some new clothes, it's a weird coincidence that I found some stuff I wanted, in a store, and I didn't buy of the internet :P LOL here's a sneack peek of what I bought:

and a lot more :p
but I'm feeling a weird feeling lately,
like I don't want to wear any of that
(and believe me, I bought A LOT)
like there's no place for me to wear
them, like I'm bored and I want to
wear the same outfits everyday!
That's strange... but I guess not so much, 'cause I'm maybe the only one in my group of people, that dress like this. I'm a goth (?) and I like my clothes to be like me :) I'm inspired by my lifestyle, but some days it just feels imposible to live in this damn country where everybody stares or sidelooks you because you look different.. Is it just a faze that all my friends dress normaly? Or am I just growning old...?? I'm rambling again... Oh crap :p

Thursday, August 12, 2010

project: making my own Dreads :D

Dreads are so much harder to make, than I thought.. So this project isn't going as planned. I wanted to have finished them by now, but I'm only in the beginning! Well, it's not like I work at them every day... :p When I finished one pack of 613platinum blond, I realized I didn't had to make them so long... So I had just ruined one pack of kanekalon.. great. I managed to save a dread or two, which means that I was able to make one long one into two shorter ones. Maybe I can do that to some more of the long ones. We'll see. So now I'm making them a lot shorter that what I originally started off.

Personally I prefer them long. BUT it takes so much time to make them, and many many many packs of synthetic hair. And because I have to buy that online, it costs!!! (actually it's the shippment that costs). So I can't keep buying one pack after another and still have nothing :/
So originally I wanted a nice lenght, like this:

But now, since I saw that I have to buy SO many packs of synthetic hair, and I can't afford that, I thought of something like this:

( I do not own these images, they are downloaded from the internet)

The colours I've chosen are 613platinum blonde (as the base colour), lilac and baby blue (which looks more like aqua-skyblue). I think they are going to be great even if they're shorter than what I wanted.

Friday, August 6, 2010

An evening's thoughts and melancholy

These past two months I had much time to think about many things and people in my life.
This past year, it felt like life was living itself rapidly. So many things changed. I changed a lot as a person, and I think I like it. I got rid of people that were actually bringing out the worst of me, and that was a big and hard decision, but I made it. An I was and am happy about it. But you see, "evil" things don't always stay away :P so they continued to bother me, and I was so hypnotised by my new and happy life that I didn't delt with them properly. Of course that came back to bite me in the ass... Anyway, the bottom line of this is that I recently found out accidentally that some important things were kept from me, (lying hypocrite sack of shit). Thankfully I did continue to stand by my old decision and never changed it. Thank god!!! ( I don't believe in him, but it's a figure of speech)... But I can't help but wonder, what would have happened if I had changed my mind about them, I would still be living among lies and deceit.
I am so grateful that I finally saw through some people and I found the strength to leave them and go on with my life. Because as it's now proven, they were full of it, and so, I was right not to believe anything!

No matter how glad I am about the fact that I was right, (even at the very end), I can't stop being sad. I keep thinking that since people who meant so much to me, lied so easily, tryed to maintain a masquerade, (which was falling apart since I could see through it), then WHAT is actually true in life??? Who is not going to lie to me? If it was so easy to fool me and do what ever they wanted behind my back, then why won't any one else do the same to me???

I know it's not right to think like that, since people are different and just because there are many assholes out there doesn't mean that everybody is an asshole. But I can't think positive right now, I'm in a dark place :(

Saturday, July 24, 2010

dreadlocks and sadness

My kanekalon hair finally arrived in the mail today, I ordered from Doctoredlocks some platinum blond, lilac and baby blue. They are awsome, but I'm afraid they are few :/ I need to buy moooore!! I'm making long dreads, so I'm using the whole long thing :p So just 1 pack of each colour isn't enough.. I'm gonna have a problem with that :/ But that's not my only problem. Just as I thought things were looking brighter in my life and I was getting my creativity and my appetite back, I saw that it's pointless. I'm not going to say why I thought that, because I think it's obvious (heartbreak much??) and I don't post personal data online. So let's just say that maybe nothing can be the same and I don't know why. It's all in vain, even my good mood. Since it doesn't really matter what I feel, then it's reallt pointless to try and feel better..
Isn't it ironic, how we have to survive each day, as humans, fighting against society, against injustice, against the economy crisis, that we have to try to survive from ourselves and from other people who hurt us?? Aren't friends and lovers supposed to complete us and make our lives happier? Well, maybe that's not the case in my life as it seems so often...
This morning I had so many ideas about what to write here, but tonight I feel exausted. Waiting over a phone that NEVER rings........

Anyway, gothic tip of the day: the band "The Birthday Massacre". I really like them, I discovered them a few years ago, and I'm a big fan since then! They have a pretty cool sound :)
Nothing else comes to mind now, so maybe later. (if anyone is reading anyway..)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

summertime was expected to be better...

I haven't written anything for quite a while here, I was very busy with college exams (which went terribly) and with feeling like crap for weeks. And as I'm not in a better mood, I thought I'll just post a few things I found while surfing the net, so you can check them out (if anyone is actually reading this, but I doubt it...)

So here goes: I've found a website for Gothic culture and I think it's pretty cool! And we all know how hard it is to find a site that's worth your time.. cause most of them are crap or mainstream (even worse!!).
It's the ultimate guide to goth!! It includes many important issues, like music, fashion, lifestyle and much more! For me, it was a delight reading every article and link, and I found most things on the site very accurate. So I suggest you read it too :)

Another thing I just remembered! Who remembers "EBM Radio"??? It's been ages since I listened to this German web radio! I surely miss it. It was very cool, I used to listen to it when I was at net cafes, (since I didn't have an Internet connection at home, I had to go to net cafes to surf). Usually they play really good stuff, (ebm, industrial, noise, etc..) The site is in German, but you can tune in easily even if you don't speak German :p

Now that we've mentioned goth stuff, let's NOT forget the "beautiful gothic girls gallery" where you can see many cool pics of Gothic girls -all types, Victorian, cyber, etc- and use them as desktop background :) cool, huh? this pic is one of my favourites on that site!
And our music tip of the week! Listening to "The Newlydeads": personal favourite songs: "melting", and "six feet deep".
Bye bye for now, I'll be back soon with more tips!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I stayed up all night watching NCIS, studying, drinking diet coke and surfing on the net and I got so inspired :D
I've watched a few videos by my favourite people on YouTube, and I've decided to make my own dreads instead of buying online, since they are so easy to make at home, and they are sooooo ridiculously expensive on the web! I think that I'll use mostly white, baby pink and lilac or violet! I have many ideas XD but..I'll have to wait untill the exam period at college is over, because I can't spend time and effort on to other things beside studying... I have to pass 9 classes to get my degree (finally) and they are very hard because they are the last ones... :@ Damn it.. and there are so many things I'd rather do than study :p LOL isn't that always the case??
Anyway, as I often write here, gothic song of the day: Cities in Dust, by "the newlydeads". it's a siouxie and the banshees cover, and it's GREAT!! I really like The Newlydeads, you should check them out for yourself!
Hmm... what else? oh, yes!!! I'm going to start writing labels for my posts, the cute little things that go underneath the posts, because I think it will be better than to just write stuff here as tips of the day(or the week).
Some feedback from you people would be awsome too. ( I don't even know if anyone is reading me at all...)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

#71: do something nice without being asked

I just remembered that I had done something nice without being asked, a couple of months back. A friend of mine had a skin problem, and I gave him a half-full tube of skin cream that I had in my cabinet, and that was exactly what he needed :) So that was a nice thing I did without being asked to :) In the book, there are levels, grading your good deeds. Level 1: you've made a nice gesture, Level 2: you went out of your way, you've earned your wings, Level 3: true self-sacrifice, you saint. There are also levels for the bad acts you do!!! Level -1: you're lazy, Level -2: you're plain mean, Level -3: you little devil! LOL now that's something you don't see everyday!! I do good deeds often, but I don't notice, so it's hard to keep track, like the book says.. So anyway...
I have many plans for a lot of new things to do in the near future :)) So I'll bew completing more achievements :D byebye for now!

Friday, May 21, 2010

big decisions?

Jesus freaking Christ, I just read a little bit of the previous post... wtf was I thinking posting that dramatic s**t?? LOL

Anyway, things have been busy these days, (as always) but the good news is that I've decided what MSc I'll do when I finally get my degree. I have to do a conversion course, to turn my degree to fully psychology (and to get a licence) so I'll do a master's on psychological studies, and hopefully I'll be accredited for a licence from the British Psychological Society. I'll apply to a few colleges in the UK and Scotland, and hopefully I'll go to Glascow :D

These past weeks, I've been watching a tv series that I downloaded, called Sons of Anarchy, it's a pretty good american tv series, about bikers and stuff. Very handsome leading actor (kinda looks like C.Cobain) that's good enough to watch the 2 seasons, believe me!!! xD

I have to start studying for the college exams in June, but I'm booooooooored out of my freaking mind damn it....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hard days and Charlaine's novels

Listening to "My Vampire Heart" by Tom McRae. Quite a sad song..
I'm reading Charlaine Harris's last book, on the southern vampire series, or else, the Sookie series :) I've postponed reading it, because it's the last one, and I adore all the books on those series. I've read them all, litteraly sucking every word, and it depresses me that after 100 pages, it's all over :'( I don't want the series to end....but it's not up to me. I'm sad. Sookie and her adventurus life have been a part of my life since I read the first book, when I was still a teenager, in high school. Sookie's romances and adventures, have added salt in my life, if I may say so. Sure, I love vampires, but those books were so much beyond that! It was as though I was living through her. She, in a small town in Louisiana, me, in a big city on the edge of Europe. She is a telepath, I'm "normal" LOL. Nothing in common. Superficially. But I can relate to her so much, it's scary. I may not have vampires, weres, shifters going around in my life, but I can relate to her feelings, her thoughts, to the lonelyness she feels deep inside. Even when you are surrounded by people, you still feel so alone, it's terrifying...
Anyway... the tv series ("tru blood") weren't as half as good as the books. I wouldn't trade these books for the world. I think they're the best thing that has happend to me :) more dark thoughts later, I'm going to eat and watch some tv. Maybe my mind will get busy and stop swirling. And sorry for the many typos. It's not my day.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

so tired but content

Today I spent all morning and noon sleeping, and I'm glad that I did, because I needed that rest. In the afternoon the bf and I, took a walk in the center of Athens after all the riot had quiet down, and then we went to New Filadelfia, a suburb of Athens, to a fare-like thing, which was actually pretty good :D I had a great time, we walked and ate stuff that we bought from people from the fare, and then we spend time with friends -listening to music and drinking beer- at an abandoned building that the anarchists have taken over, (and now it's not abandoned anymore- it used to be a tavern, in the old days, but it has been empty for many years). It has been a full day for me and now it's 5:30 am, I'm finally home and I'm so sleepy I can hardly see what I'm typing, so sorry for the spelling or typing mistakes.. Nightynight :)))

Monday, April 26, 2010

Haven't accompliced anything lately

Kung Fu practise today went smoothly :) No sore muscles anymore and I'm doing so much better. Tomorrow I have things to do, but there's a 24hour strike on all public means of transportation so I can't do anything since I don't drive... I have my german class at 11 in the morning and then maybe my bf will pick me up and we'll go to the beach for a walk :) we'll see. I'm going to wash my hair now and then go to bed, I'm dead tired.

P.S. Song of the day: "My vampire heart" by Tom McRae.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Such a busy weekend!

Yesterday was the 69EYES gig, and it was cool ^_^ and then the afterparty at DADA bar, (which was crammed of course) and we had a good time ;) That's me in the Misfits t-shirt with the skeleton hands grabbing my tits, and beside me it's one of my best friends, Eftixia.
When I got bored at the afterparty, I went to a techno party which lasted till morning! You can do so many things in one night!!! and have so much fun :)) if only my mood hadn't gone to shit when some idiots yelled sexist stuff at us when we walked from the subway station to DADA :/ but you can't have everything go well everytime, right?? :/
Anyway, I'm off the shave my legs and get dressed to go out :) byebye :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Gigs and shopping :D

Yesterday I went to Diary of Dreams concert :) It was awsome of course, as always ^_^ They've come in Greece in 2008 and it was a great gig then too :)) They are always magnificent :D Diary of Dreams is one of my favourite bands and I was very glad to see them again.
Today I had many things to do in the morning, and they all had to do with bureaucracy, (greek bureaucracy is the worst in the world....) but when I finished, I went shopping ^_^ I bought some t-shirts, black, white, purple, a blue skinny jean, a black mini skirt and a skirt (with the Misfits skulls) and I had a great time all by myself :D
For lunch I ate a caesar's salad, and a large diet coke (diet coke is my passion <3 )
It was a very lucky day today for me, let's see how it develops...:p

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kung Fu!

It was a bad day yesterday, but today is better, but I'm very sore from Kung Fu practise yesterday afternoon.. It was great though :D martial arts are something I love. I've done Tae-Kwon-Do when I was younger, but I've stopped for many years and now I got the opportunity to do Kung Fu :D It's a great way to get a strong body,muscles, and lose some weight. But most of all, know how to defend yourself! I hope my sore muscles will hurt less in tomorrow's practise :P

Monday, April 19, 2010


It's been more than a week since I posted something, and I hate it when I don't have time to write new stuff here :/
These past few days I've been keeping myself busy with all kinds of things.. On Saturday noon I went to a comic festival ("comicon") here in Athens, and I had a lot of fun! I found out that it's the 5th year that's been done, and I thought it was the first!! LOL was I living under a rock?? wtf... On Saturday night I went to a punk live, it was nice, and I drank beers :p I craved for alcohol, because I was on medication often the last months, as I was constantly sic, and so I couldn't drink anything. Now I feel an urge to drink a whole bar!!! On Sunday I went to a gothic/alternative lifestyle exposition with two friends, and we had fun :)) We bought hand-made gothic jewelry!! I bought a ring with an ankh, a pair of skull earrings (long), and a lace choker :)) The prices were very low and the quality was exceptional for hand-made!!! The girls that make them are very nice :) I was tired though, so we left at 22:30 to go home and sleep.. I went home and ordered pizza and watched two silly movies, Robots (2005) and The Incredibles (2004) 'cause I'm trying to complete #48 watch these films. The films listed are SO many, I don't think I'll watch them all.. Some of them are really childish anyway... :/
These days I have so many things to do, and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed and lost. I don't like this feeling, it makes me numb and unable to get out of bed every morning. All I feel like doing is sleeping until I die... (I know that I've said "no personal stuff on the internet" -at least not too personal- but when I write private thoughts and stuff, even if no one is answering to the things I write, this one-way communication makes me feel better... ) Sometimes I wonder if anyone is reading at all.... I know a couple of friends read it rarely, but other than that??? Is there anyone out there?? :/

Whatever... Gothic Song of the day (or week) is "Lovely Day" by Ayria. I like most songs from Ayria, but this one is 100% how I feel today (and yesterday and tomorrow probably..)

Here are some lyrics from "lovely day" that I like most:
"I will wait for you to find me, but I know you never will.
I will seek to you to save me, but I know you never will.
I will try to regain passion, but I'm faltering.
I will try to overcome this, but I'm overwhelmed again."

And the ironic moral lesson of the day is that no one will be there to save you, but yourself. How sad for those who really believe in love and other emotions... :(

Sunday, April 11, 2010

new achievements!!! #73, #82, #98 (completed)

Hello people :) it's been a while since I posted something new..I didn't had time because Easter vacasion has been a busy period. I do have some new achievements though, I completed #82: learn to skim stones, AND #98: drive something, AND #73: have a sleepover. The best things is that I hadn't actually planned to achieve them, but I grabed the opportunity to do so when it rose :)
I took a little trip in Markopoulo, (a suburb of Athens) with my bf, and we took a walk in the beach (it was so nice to see and smell the sea again, even in early spring) and I learned how to skim stones (#82) there. It was windy though, so there were a lot of waves, and that's not good for skimming stones :/ but we did it anyway, I only managed to hit the water 2 times before the stone sunk, but that's amazing, because I was never able to do it before :D I was so excited!!!
My bf came to pick me up from the train station, by car, and that's what I had a chance to drive. It was a Wolkswagen Polo -an old model. Very convenient for me, since I'm petite :p It was SO much fun to actually drive! I found it a bit hard too. I drove on a dead-end road kinda abandoned, (we don't want to kill anyone, or get caught :p ) and it was really amazing xD I had the time of my life, I was so scared, but I enjoyed every second of it :)))
So, 3 more things to do are completed and crossed out of my list. If I get a chance to drive anything else (like a motorcycle, or a quad bike) I'll make sure that I mention it here. The book is kinda strange because it says I can drive 3 different engine-powered vehicles but WTF???? I can't drive all these things, dude get real!!! jesus!! So I stuck my achievement star on that page and we move on :D (sticking the achievement sticker is actually ever more fun for me that achieving the task itself!!!)
#73 (the sleepover) of course has been done a million times (I'm 22 years old for God's sake) but I wanted to declare it achieved only when I could document all the facts on the silly book page. Information like what did we did, when we fell asleep, if we got told off (ROFL), are supposed to be filled in the book, so I wanted to remember everthing and that's why I waited- to have another sleepover and fill in the details :p On the 30th of March, I invited one of my best friends to sleepover. I didn't want to spend that night alone cause I was feeling miserable, and misery loves company ;) So that's about it, (I won't give any more personal details here) we had fun and I got to stick another star-shapped sticker on my book ^_^ LOL

That's all for now, I'll be back soon with more interesting things :D

P.S. Almost forgot the goth-tip of the day :p favorite song for this week: "Starfighter" by Welle:Erdball.

Friday, April 2, 2010

#42: april fool someone (completed)

It wasn't a very clever practical joke, these days weren't my best...:/ But I managed to think something ;) The (immature) joke, was that I told my parents I got engaged with my boyfriend (LOL). Sure, it's lame, I know. But I had to achieve number 42: april fool someone and today it was the 1st of April=April Fools Day :D I couldn't wait till next year!!! :S

Friday, March 26, 2010

thinking about recipes!

It's Friday today and my tooth still hurts.... I'm being slowly tortured...I can't eat since yesterday because my gums around it are swollen to the point where I can't close my mouth, so trying to chew is a total waste of time... So I can only dream about food xD I went to the supermarket in the afternoon, after going to the dentist. Another total waste of time. Anyway, I bought stuff for the house a few stuff for the fridge (since I can't eat, why the hell would I buy food????) and I kept dreaming about all the recipes I'm going to cook when my tooth gets better :D

I thought about making cake and cookies, I LOVE BETTY CROCKER so, I often buy her products, which are delicious and easy to make. Her cake mix, her cookie mix and mostly, her pancake mix, are the best I have ever eaten :) You can try to make them, they have easy instructions and you can have fun in the process! You may use low fat products, which don't affect the taste :D

Hmmm.... what else? Oh, yes! Like I said before, pancakes!! (that mix can be used for many purposes and it's delicious) Do try them at home, with Maple syrup, or any syrup you like! You can add fruit, ice cream, whipped cream, jam, peanut butter.....and so much more! Your options are limitless!!!
Thinking about sweet stuff, now I'm also fantasizing about warm brownies with ice cream... What a torture-to think about food and not being able to chew anything :@
I also want to eat my famous corn with eggs and bacon!!! I like that recipe so much xD I made it myself, and I try to make it often, but I can't eat eggs very often, because of the cholesterol.. Yesterday I was thinking about fajitas... and rice with chilly con carne.... and chinese food...and.... well, maybe I should stop now, because the floor is wet from my saliva.....
Have fun and bon app├ętit!!!
(Next time we'll think about clothes and stuff :p)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

serious tooth problem gets me in a bad mood

This week I can't even get out of bed, let alone accomplice anything more than drag my ass to the bathroom and then to the kitchen to pop some pills. Damn over-the-counter painkillers are worthless :@ my tooth hurts so bad I can't go to sleep, and when I finally sleep, I wake every 3 hours to pop some more pills because the pain has started drilling my brain again..
Such agony comes from a "wisdom tooth"... that particular tooth begun coming out 3 years ago. For some unknown reason, it stoped after a while, and I had to have my gums sliced around it so I don't bite them... And suddenly, on Friday morning, it decided that it wanted to get the rest of it's ass out. LOL.
How could I be so lucky? It wasn't coming out. It was creating an abscess!! And of course it's underneath, so my dentist couln't see it. Since I wasn't improving and was only getting worse, he precribed antibiotics (2000mg of "Augmentin" per day!). But I NEED PAINKILLERS!!!! Some that accually help!! The ones I'm already taking are "depon", "nurofen", "Xefo", "niflamol", most of them are not only painkillers, but inflammatory too. The pain only stops for a couple of hours and then it's driving me nuts again.. I'm using big amounts of them every day and I still can't handle the pain :(
Anyway, besides my crappy mood, and my snapping at everyone within a 5 metre range, I'm trying to get a grip. That's why I'm writting here, to forget the pain that makes my ear feel like someone is using an ice-pick to poke my brain :@

Things that I've done these days (while in pain) to make myself feel a little better: listening to Alien Vampires, watching Southpark episodes on, surfing the net for gothic clothes and watching youtube tutorials on make up. That is something I do regularly, even if I'm not in pain :p Cooking hasn't been on my priorities, 'cause all the toothache and the painkiller OD have made my appetite go byebye. That's not so bad though, maybe I'll lose a pound or two-that's always gooooood ^_^
Hmm... what else? Oh, yeah, I've watched a few movies -so much time to kill at home, when you feel so crappy to go out and play with the rest of the kids :p "Inglourious basterds", "gamer", "lock,stock and two smocking barrels", and lots of southpark. Also, old disney cartoons with donald duck and mickey mouse. I prefer the old ones better (mickey-1929, donald-1941) they are so much fun! And you can really appreciate the quality :)
Anyway, it's time to go take a bath and then straighten my hair (as always) and then do my nails and go to sleep.

I'll be back with more interesting things than a toochache :D (and stronger painkillers I hope!)

Monday, March 22, 2010

101 things to do before you're old and boring!

Hello everybody :)
My name is Danni and this blog is a way to leave my imprint on the world :p
Actually, I created this blog for 2 reasons:
First, to write my daily or weekly notable achievements trying to complete the "101 things to do before you're old and boring" list. I came across this book a few years ago, and at the time it felt like a good idea to buy it and have some fun.. I never completed all the tasks of course, they are too many and I had other things in mind than trying to complete a silly list of obscure stuff... So anyway, here we are today, as I am starting a blog (thing to do #36:start your own blog) to record all the stupid stuff I'm going to do. You can find it here:, as well as other books from the same series.
The second reason for creating this blog is to write about all kinds of interesting stuff a 22year-old student who dresses in black might want to write about (like environmental stuff, culture, politics, traveling, studying, gothic style, music, etc etc)...
To start having fun, I'll post the list of the 101 things to do, and I'll note the ones I have already completed or are under completeness (lol).
If you don't have anything better to do, check this out:

The List:

#1: send a message in a bottle

#2: run up an escalator the wrong way

#3: make an origami crane (completed)

#4: learn how to tell when someone fancies you (and when they don't) (completed)

#5: keep a dream diary (completed)

#6: touch these creatures (working on it...)

#7: prepare yourself for fame (completed)

#8: learn to play an instrument (completed) 

#9: play a computer game to the end (completed)

#10: have an embarrassing moment and get over it (completed)

#11: get your school involved in a world record attempt

#12: paint a picture good enough to hang on the wall

#13: learn to whistle (and make other noises) (working on it...)

#14: see a ghost

#15: fart and burp (completed)

#16: make a swear box

#17: act in a play (completed)

#18: win something

#19: make a t-shirt (completed)

#20: stay up all night (completed...repeatedly)

#21: sleep all day (completed.....repeatedly) 

#22: invent a secret code

#23: learn how to do a card trick (completed)

#24: grow something from a seed

#25: start a collection (completed)

#26: help save the planet (completed) 

#27: turn back time

#28: learn to do a party trick

#29: climb to the top of a mountain

#30: make a one-minute movie (completed)

#31: host a party (completed...repeatedly)

#32: visit...

#33: learn to bake a cake (completed)

#34: hide treasure and leave map for friends to find

#35: learn how to ask someone out (and how to dump them) (completed)

#36: start your own blog (completed)

#37: write lyrics for a song

#38: make a time capsule

#39: be a genius

#40: take care of an animal (completed)

#41: learn to like these foods (completed)

#42: April fool someone (completed)

#43: do something charitable  (completed) 

#44: teach your grandparents something new (completed) 

#45: invent a new game

#46: go as fast as you can  (completed)

#47: make your own badges

#48: watch these films

#49: read these books

#50: pretend to be ill convincingly

#51: save your pocket money for a month and spend it all at once (completed) 

#52: learn to swim (completed)

#53: succeed at something you're bad at

#54: be a daredevil

#55: invent a new trend

#56: know who your friends are

#57: plant a tree (and climb it when you're older)

#58: start a band

#59: camp out in the back garden

#60: learn to live without something you love for a week (completed)

#61: join a club  (completed) 

#62: cook a meal (completed)

#63: list the things your parents say they'll tell you when you're older

#64: make your bike or skateboard look cool (completed) 

#65: learn to juggle

#66: have a snowball fight and fun in the snow (completed) 

#67: build the ultimate sandcastle and have fun in the sun (completed) 

#68: take part in a TV show (completed)

#69: make a scene in a public place

#70: spend Christmas in another country (completed)

#71: do something nice without being asked (completed)

#72: see your music idol perform live (completed)

#73: have a sleepover (completed)

#74: become a spy

#75: watch a tadpole grow into a frog

#76: learn to say useful phrases in other languages (completed)

#77: make your own greeting cards (completed)

#78: hold a jumble sale

#79: build an igloo

#80: start your own secret society (completed) 

#81: research your family tree (completed)

#82: learn to skim stones  (completed)

#83: dye your hair (completed)

#84: lobby your local MP

#85: write a story and get it published (completed)

#86: sing in front of an audience

#87: learn to use long words (and drop them into conversation)

#88: blame someone else

#89: learn to stick up for yourself

#90: get from A to B using a map (completed)

#91: send a valentine card  (completed)

#92: have your own plot in the garden

#93: build your own website

#94: see your name in print (completed)

#95: make a unique milkshake (completed) 

#96: glue coins to the floor

#97: learn to take great photos (working on it...)

#98: drive something (completed)

#99: be vegetarian for a week (completed) 

#100: meet someone famous  (completed) 

#101: decide what you want to be when you grow up (completed)

So this is the list...
I'll be posting not only my progress, but other interesting topics as well!!! :)
besides you can find other blogs about this book (101 things to do before....) by people that tried to complete the list, day by day. So if I only posted my progress about it, it wouldn't be very interesting, would it?? :p
It's 4:00 am here in Athens, and I have a nasty toothache, so I'll go to sleep.
See you soon :D who knows, maybe I'll write something new tomorrow :)